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Employment Lawyer Service in Canada

An Employment lawyer service in Canada specializes in many areas of employment law. This includes discipline and terminations, human rights law, occupational health and safety, privacy issues, personnel policies, personal searches, and all forms of litigation. It also includes human rights complaints and wrongful dismissal claims. This article discusses several Employment Litigation firms in Canada. Find out which one is right for you. The right employment lawyer service can be the difference between a successful outcome and a costly battle.

Monkhouse Law

The Toronto-based employment law firm is comprised of 14 employment lawyers and helps employees in legitimate claims against their employers. The firm also urges employers to do the right thing and ensures that workers are treated fairly and in accordance with the law. In short, Law makes the right thing the easy way. In addition to helping workers, the firm also helps to protect employers from future liability.

The Ontario government has made it easier for businesses to comply with the law and provides robust protection for employee rights in the workplace. Law also encourages employers to do the right thing by providing an Employment Lawyer service, and a Gig Economy-focused Employee Class Actions service. The firm’s focus is on the rights of workers in the Gig Economy, including us.

Employment Litigation

Employment lawyer

If you are looking for a top-notch employment lawyer in Canada, The firm to contact. With offices across Canada, this team has extensive experience in labor and employment law matters. They provide tactical and strategic advice and have represented clients before provincial labor boards and arbitration panels. The firm’s lawyers have also achieved high rankings at Chambers Canada.

The firm’s team is spread across offices in Calgary and Edmonton, offering employment and labor law services for Canadian companies. Their lawyers have extensive experience in labor and employment law across a variety of industries. Some of the firm’s heavyweight cases include collective bargaining rights and union certification. In addition, the team’s lawyers advise employers on strategic labor planning. The firm’s lawyers represent Canadian and foreign companies, and many of them have offices across Canada.

Key member

We expanded our employment law practice in Canada, hiring an experienced Deloitte veteran with extensive experience in the employment law sector. The firm also established a procurement and public law practice and hired a senior member.

The firm’s employment practice is one of the most reputable in Canada. Its lawyers are well-versed in both contentious and non-contentious employment law. We focus on non-contentious issues relating to the employment of individuals and companies. Another key member of the team is an experienced employment lawyer with extensive litigation experience at all levels of Canadian courts.

Employment Litigation

Law firms

Located in Toronto, Canada, We are one of the leading law firms in employment law. The firm recently was recognized as one of Canada’s best employers for its commitment to diversity. The firm recently launched its first employee resource group, Origins, which encourages the hiring of racialized people and educates employees about systemic racism and racial bias. \

Collective bargaining

A long history of social change and innovation is reflected in the firm’s history. In 1937, Beatrice Lyons joined the firm as the first woman partner in a law firm in Canada. Together, they regularly appeared before the Wartime Prices and Trade Board, which regulated inflation during World War II. They also represented workers at early union recognition and collective bargaining hearings.

With six offices across Canada, We provide top-notch legal representation to employers. The firm provides comprehensive litigation, advocacy, and strategic advice. It also has an immediate crisis response team. The firm is a member of the global HR law firm Ius Laboris, which offers comprehensive support across jurisdictions. Their employment lawyers are experienced in advising employers on the best ways to ensure compliance with human resources policies and other legislation.