The Best and Rare Haircare Routine for Curly Hair

Women with curly hair, such as Beyonce and Marilyn Monroe, are usually envied by their peers who have straight hair. A curly coif is a symbol of autonomy, confidence, and freedom. However, managing curls can be challenging, and it takes a lot of excellent hair care to produce perfect curly hair effectively. Your hairstyle expresses not only your style preferences but also your general well-being.  The appropriate hair care regimen for curls can mitigate bad conditions like dry and unattractive hair. If your hair is unprotected, it’s open to several hair-damaging factors. Having natural curls is greatly desired in today’s society. Continue reading to discover how to take care of curly hair properly. 

1. Recognize Your Type of Hair

Hair is every lady’s closest friend, and getting a better grasp of your curl type is an excellent place to start. So, what distinguishes curls from other hair types? Its characteristic coily texture can cause poor nourishment because it prevents the circulation of the essential oils generated by the scalp. Consequently, natural curls frequently lack moisture. Many natural curly hair varieties exist, and knowing your hair type can assist you in focusing on vital hair products. 

2. Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Natural curly hair can appear dry; therefore, you’d be wrong to believe skipping the pre-shampooing procedure is okay. Pre-shampooing is the process that precedes shampooing your hair. It increases hair moisture and detangles it for a smooth mane. If you have frizzy and susceptible-to-breakage hair, purchase the best detangler for curly hair as it eliminates harsh and toxic substances. 

You should pre-shampoo your curls with a conditioner. Divide your curly hair into sections and use your hands to scrape the conditioner across your curls. Wait at least 30 minutes and utilize a towel for thorough conditioning. Depending on the amount of moisture the hair needs, wide varieties of pre-shampoo treatments are available. 

3. Forgo Shampooing Your Hair Often

Skipping hair shampooing for a few days is okay because it keeps your hair’s oil supply. Daily shampooing might stretch out fine hair strands and cause your coily curls to dry. Nevertheless, your best friend is your conditioner. This doesn’t suggest that you should stop using shampoo, only that you should deep condition more frequently. Try not to clump your hair while shampooing and softly move your finger through it. If you don’t know which shampoo works best, it could damage your hair more than help. This results from your hair type and its ability to retain oil and moisture. 

4. Avoid combing or brushing curly hair

Curls are more susceptible to breakage due to their propensity for being brittle and dry. If you have curly hair, you’ll routinely wake up with frizz and fly away. Brushing dry curly hair will make them more prone to frizzy hair, which might cause the massive hair buildup clogging your drain. To eliminate hair flyaways, use a broad comb and run it down your curls with water or detangling spray. How frequently should one brush one’s curls? Brushing one’s hair if it contains coily, jagged, or dry twists is not advisable. Avoid using a comb containing plastic bobbles because they can damage your hair. 

5. Take a Break from Using Heat Styling Gadgets

Although heat styling products may simplify your work, they are unsuitable for your hair. Additionally, it reduces moisture, leaving little to no oil inside the curls, and robs your curls of their inherent texture, making them the worst foe of curly hair extensions. Thermal damage caused by styling equipment will make your hair lifeless and dull.  

6. Avoid Using Hot Water on Your Hair

After a long day, there is nothing cozier and more soothing than a hot bath; however, the harm to your hair is inconceivable. Your hair may appear brittle and dry after using steam or hot water, mainly if the temperatures are too high. Washing your hair with hot water makes it lose its inherent and essential sustenance for the curls. In contrast, cold water preserves the natural oil inside the hair shafts, adding moisture and giving a shinier appearance. Additionally, using cold water keeps your head clean and healthy. Controlling frizz and breakage is crucial for thin curls. Bathing with cold water helps your hair avoid breakage and frizz. 

7. Change Your Sleeping Habits

If you desire your curly hair to have a healthy and long-lasting shine, you may have to consider your sleeping behaviors. You risk making your gorgeous curly hair look tangled and fussy if you don’t change your sleeping posture. The ideal position to sleep in to protect your curls is on your stomach. Utilize a silk pillowcase to prevent tangles and frizziness, so your curls retain their structure. Bind your hair and cover it using a silk scarf to preserve your curls. 

8. Remember to Oil Your Hair

Oiling the hair is an essential aspect of any hair care regimen because your curls require oil for improved blood flow and growth. Don’t know where to begin? Olive, castor, and coconut oil are good places to start because they’re light and not greasy. Before you head to bed, rub some oil on your head using your finger and wash it the following day. 


Taking precautions for your curly hair will require some effort and planning. You can drastically improve your hair care regimen with a few easy fixes. Given that an oil deficit frequently impacts curls, the hair care advice provided should be of help.