Monday, October 3

Nigeria: We Can’t Breathe

Nigerian rulers are certainly very special. When different leaders and countries are giving out palliatives to their citizens and bailouts to their production and service sectors to cushion the consequences of the current pandemic, our rulers (now not leaders) are right here inventing more harsh guidelines to perpetually enslave and over-burden us. The government has simply increased the pump rate of gas and power price lists. I imply within the midst of this overwhelming battle by using the residents because of their negative financial performance and complicated by means of the chinese virus disaster. Yes, matters have been actually tough here even before the pandemic. Today, corporations are rapidly folding up and hundreds of thousands of jobs slipping away. The expenses of meals and items have skyrocketed. Human beings are simply desperate and hungry.

Maximum nigerians are stranded and the pleasant our authorities could do is to inflict more ache on them. However i don’t blame them. Do they and their kids pay residence hire? Do they buy fuel? The entirety they want is supplied for them and in the event that they need extra they are able to have enough money it thru what they shamelessly seize and stash away for his or her next generations. But we listen that the will increase are for them if you want to finance the budget. So it’s handiest via taxing the already traumatized residents to demise that this government can finance its operations? Tell me. Which budget? I pay attention you are saying finances of the wealthy by way of the wealthy and for the wealthy. They’ll pad the budgets, award the contracts to themselves and also pay themselves even if the roles aren’t performed. And as i write, the country is in flames for the citizens are protesting the brutality of the police and the failure of the modern authorities.

The protest, which has resulted in deaths of ratings, has unfold to the main towns of the us of a. Many government properties have additionally been set ablaze. What without delay got here to my mind as this confusion became unfolding was what pharaoh did inside the bible. Whilst the moses went to ask him to release the israelites, the king were given indignant and instead of granting the request, he instant multiplied their undertaking and suffering, to completely wreck their spirit and silence them for all time. That is precisely what i see here. If this government wants to get more money they realize what to do. They can get it from reducing numerous excessive salaries, estacodes, allowances, charges, etc of the elected, selected and appointed officers of the diverse organs of the government. They can get it from properly taxing the supper wealthy that personal and flaunt their billions of investments and houses with out paying any tax. They can come from abolishing the wasteful safety votes that have come to be a gift to our elected officers. What of all the money in special currencies and homes recovered from corrupt beyond leaders and officials? In which are they? Has it been re-looted as normal? We are able to come to that later. Why should we not retrieve the country wide assets, oil wells, businesses and corporations that have been criminally undervalued and bought to cronies, partners and relations inside the name of privatization, etc? We sold the whole lot and but, we are not getting 1/2 of the value for it. Have a look at the strength quarter. It’s miles confusion everywhere.

The distributor groups deal with nigerians like conquered slaves. They bill you whatever they prefer and also pressure you to pay it or have your light removed. It’s like there’s no law, no policies, no supervision anywhere. No patron safety. I was on the eedc workplace at abakpa-enugu the opposite day and the entrepreneurs were insulting and harassing the customers that questioned the slavish payments. Those that had been paying 7,000 at the moment are paying 16,000 monthly and should now not whinge otherwise they preserve you in darkness. They do not want to study your meter. They pressure you to be on predicted billing. We don’t have any desire or alternative. Do we? However why can’t we borrow from different countries like china in which the country affords the primary amenities and nonetheless strongly, safely supports the non-public quarter. Yes, we are able to try blended financial system due to the fact that general capitalism that is running for other human beings has didn’t work right here.