How to Add a Twitter Profile Picture?

Making your Twitter account unique helps people find you and learn more about who you are. Good site for Twitter followers, these instructions to update your profile image via a web browser or mobile device.

Add a Twitter profile image with a web browser.

  1. Navigate to the Twitter website and sign in by clicking the symbol in the lower-left corner of the display (if you have not already signed into your Twitter account).
  2. To access your profile, select the image of a person on the sidebar.
  3. To do so, go to “Profile > Edit”
  4. If you want to add a photo to your profile, just hit the camera button there.
  5. Select the file’s location, then click Open.
  6. On the Edit media page, a Good site for Twitter followers you can make the image bigger or smaller as you like (1) and then click (2) “Apply.”
  7. If everything on the Edit profile screen looks good to you, click Save.

Add a Twitter profile image with a mobile device or tablet.

  1. Log in to the Twitter application.
  2. In the upper-left corner of the screen, tap your account’s profile photo or the default Twitter image.
  3. Choose Profile
  4. Select “Edit Profile.”
  5. Tap the camera icon in the section for profile pictures. 6.
  6. Select either take a photo or choose an existing photo, and then take or select the desired image.
  7. Use your fingers to pinch and drag the image to the size you want, and then click USE.
  8. Click Save once you are satisfied with the appearance of your profile.