Roman Blinds Dublin: Are They A Better Choice?

The term window coverings are entirely incomplete without window blinds, keep this as a fact. Window blinds are always like a lone wolf in home decor. Their absence does not only make the interior look unfinished, but sometimes totally, like someone lost the way.

One of the most devastating things about window blinds is that they are highly place subjected. Perhaps they may be looking good in a certain place, doesn’t mean they are subjected to that place.

Here I am going to clear or brief that point simply but impact fully. Window blinds are very versatile and consist of enough types that they’ll make it too long for me to complete this talk.

So, roman blinds are the one that is going brief and also is they are better for Ireland as a choice for window blinds.

Firstly, What Are Exactly Roman Blinds?

If you are not known of that, indeed, roman blinds are one of the best and most luxurious types of window blinds. Roman blinds are pretty much or not entirely different from the rest of the window blinds.

By pretty much I mean that yes, they are blinds and for entirely I mean that didn’t have in them the main highlighting feature of blinds, a.k.a. the Slats.

Slats are entirely the cause of window blinds functionality which is not just making them more than just a covering but importantly makes them way superior to the rest of known window coverings.

Roman blinds are simple as they are only a single fabric-based panel. That hangs from a rod fitted in a frame-like thing, here I am using the term “frame-like thing” because it depends on how the manufacturer made it to hold the rod.

The rod has a roman blind, the fabric is hung and looped in a way that when someone pulls the cord, the fabric panel either folds up or stacks up and lay down flattened just like roller blinds.

This is all you ever need to understand what exactly are roman blinds. There are just simple like that. This simplicity makes them classy and luxurious.

Why Roman Blinds Are One Of The Few Ideal Window Blinds For Ireland?

Well, it best suits the Irish people’s nature which is developed by the environment, which is kind of traditional. Hopefully, you get there, roman blinds are one of the most impressively toned traditional window blinds.

Also, being traditional is a well contributing factor to their luxuriousness. Ireland has mainly detached-styled homes, which are also kind of traditional.

By that, roman blinds are not just ideal, but indeed a very synced-in window blinds option for Ireland. The way they stack up, look quite bulk if you are having them with thick and heavy fabric for matters like blackouts or insulation.

For some people, this bulk-up nature is not that sleek and hence they prefer roller blinds over them, which are also a well-known and sleek option.

Another aspect you can enjoy having roman blinds is the ease in the sizing. These blinds are subjected to be fit exactly to provide their class.

If you are not ok with custom-made roman blinds, then there is no need to be sad. Indeed, custom-made roman blinds are much more expensive. So what should be the better action in this regard?

Try to find a roman blind that is slightly more in dimension than your window, it is not going to look unfinished. This idea is going to be effective only if you are going to put roman blinds over the sill. As for putting it on the sill, it is recommended to have custom-made roman blinds.

Privacy Management

Window blinds are always considered quite respectfully regarding privacy management. The intensity of privacy may vary, but standardly all types of window blinds are pretty mature in privacy management.

Roman blinds are also well known in this sector. As there are no such slats, so pretty obvious that functionality is not going to be comparatively as good as in the blinds with slats.

This no-slats design is actually quite helpful regarding privacy. In slats, there are always some gaps that may not be critical for privacy, but surely not good when light management is a concern.

Well, roman blinds are just pieces of a single fabric-based panel, so there are no such problems as with slats. The privacy provided by roman blinds is the way such impressive than blinds like roller blinds.

Here you have the option of thick and heavy fabric, which is not available in roller blinds. Like roller blinds, you can adjust the stack-up length of roman blinds, so you can place them anywhere in the middle and control the privacy and light according to your mood.


Roman blinds may not be a budget-friendly blinds treatment for sure. But if you look at the design, you will hopefully understand that they are impressively on budget.

I’ll make it clear, roman blinds’ design is well in competition with curtains and drapes. Which surely are the main types in window coverings world, surely one of most expensive.

Roman blinds are the best alternatives to curtains and drapes. The fabric quality is quite the same in both but due to the limited dimensions of roman blinds, they are much cheaper than classy curtains and drapes.