Return-To-Work Gift Suggestions For Employees

Many businesses are still transitioning from a completely remote workforce to a hybrid or on-site approach. Consider these  gift suggestions for employees’ return to the office.

Even in the ending of 2022, numerous businesses are still planning to transition from a completely remote workforce to a hybrid or in-person approach. As a business owner, you may be pondering how to motivate employees to return to the office while preserving their engagement and morale.

Some employees welcome the return of work lunches, business events upon their return to the workplace, team-building activities and festive acknowledgement like Corporate Christmas Gift. While some employees are eager to rejoin their coworkers, others may want assistance transitioning. Consider giving your employees gifts to demonstrate your appreciation and encourage their return to work.

Why Should Employers Provide Office-Return Gifts?

In times of transition, showing gratitude to employees is an excellent approach to raise morale. A company’s assistance goes a long way towards attracting and maintaining outstanding employees.

Return-To-Work Gifts Aid In:

  • Increase employee appreciation. Human resource specialists discovered that non-cash or low-cash awards might be an effective method for retaining staff. Employee appreciation is an effective retention technique because employees enjoy knowing they contribute positively to the workplace.
  • Connect with the organization’s vision. Staff can feel more engaged and empowered due to thoughtful presents, resulting in a better bond with their peers.
  • Reduce the likelihood of burnout. In addition to stress, burnout is a big factor in the home and office workplace. Gifts associated with physical and mental well-being can assist employees in establishing healthy routines and serve as an excellent barrier against burnout.

Consider These Gift Suggestions For Employees’ Return To The Office:

  1. Self-care kit

A self-care package is a considerate way to support your workers. Personal care goods, such as moisturizers and grooming kits, inspirational message cards, candles, coloring books, and even speciality teas can be included. You can even construct your own branded box with similar things, such as gift cards, depending on your budget and partnership prospects.

  1. Toast To Healthy Returns

You may also choose to encourage your employees with healthy returns toasts. Organize a virtual meet  to increase coworker engagement and have very candid discussions about new corporate practices. Ask every logged-in member to prepare a delectable dish to accompany their aperitif and send a sparkling champagne gift set to the home of each participant.

  1. Books

Books are an enduring present you may give to your employees. You might choose to offer business books that relate to your company’s goal and principles, or you can choose for books on a topic that your team is particularly interested in. As an added touch, consider writing unique messages on the book covers.

  1. Blushful Succulent 

Succulents have a distinct quality that makes them stand out among other workplace plants. These plants require little space and are simple to maintain. Their circular cup shape enables them to conserve water until it is required. This allows them to thrive with less water than other plant species. Therefore, even if they go without water for several days, they will be alright.

  1. Adjustable Standing Desk

A height-adjustable standing desk allows employees to take a break from sitting while remaining productive. Despite spending the majority of the workday seated, standing may enhance mood and energy and make employees feel more active.

Some height-adjustable standing desks can be lowered to a sitting position, allowing workers to rotate between sitting and standing based on their preferences.

  1. Travel Mug

The ideal item for employees who commute to the office is a travel mug. You may choose a mug with your company’s logo and include tea bags or coffee beans with the gift. It’s a terrific method for employees to transport their favorite beverages to the office while keeping them warm.

  1. Happy-Hour Kit

Employers may elect to have employees return to the workplace on a rotating basis, preventing all employees from being present at the same time. A virtual happy hour or game night is a fun team building exercise for times when team members are unable to be together in person. You can include company swag, such as a branded tumbler or party munchies, in a happy hour package. You can tailor this kit to the preferences of your staff. 

  1. Portable Batteries

A portable power bank is a device used to provide backup power for devices such as smartphones and laptops. There are numerous sizes and styles of power banks, allowing for customization. Given that most people spend the majority of their workday online, this is a practical and effective gift idea for employees.