Advice for Choosing an Egg Donation and Surrogacy Facility

You will have to make a lot of choices if surrogacy is something you’re thinking about. The first is deciding whether to employ an egg donation and surrogacy facility.

Your participation with an agency gives you surrogacy “insurance.” This expert will choose the surrogate, potential egg donors, etc., with care. They will guide every step of your journey. Working with an agency allows you to concentrate on the emotional components of the journey, which is possibly its most important benefit. The agency manages the commercial aspect of the situation.

It would be advisable to keep in mind, nevertheless, that not all agencies function in the same way. When choosing the top facility for egg donation and surrogacy, keep the following in mind:

Background of the Agency

Consider the duration of the agency’s existence while assessing a specific agency. How many cases do they typically handle? How many children were born using this facility?

Although a long history is a sign of experience, it does not imply that they have sound business methods. Agencies in this field have dealt with numerous cases, and thus they have probably encountered most situations. Additionally, an established agency will have a reputation among its peers, and you can readily find out if the firm has been sued.

New companies are also a terrific alternative and frequently provide a lesser price than more seasoned ones. You must pay attention to their verbal and nonverbal cues in this situation. Find out if the founder has expertise in running a surrogacy or other agency. Even when the agency is new, you can discover that the agency has a lot of surrogacy expertise.


What are the timeframes the agency is providing? It’s important to remember that periods are only approximations. The length of the matching procedure and the likelihood that a surrogate with your desired characteristics will be found right away cannot be 100% guaranteed by an agency. Sometimes everything may go according to plan, but a problem with the embryo transfer procedure may cause a slight delay.

Be wary of organizations that make grandiose promises. Some promises are probably real if they seem too good to be true!

Coordinating Standards

Here is where one surrogacy and egg donation center varies. Ask about the agency’s standards, procedures, and screening methods and whether the surrogate goes through a thorough screening before being matched.

Two different kinds of screening exist:

  • Full and
  • Partial.

A surrogate is approved after passing all screens but the medical one in partial. The applicant has provided evaluation medical and pregnancy records filled out an agency questionnaire and completed a criminal background check. She must pass medical screening tests if the prospective parents select a surrogate who has only been partially screened.

A thorough screening entails the surrogate passing every test needed, including the background check, mental and physical exams, etc. A physician has reviewed and approved her medical records.


Before signing a contract, know what the surrogacy agency will provide you. A trustworthy agency will assist you in getting in touch with these specialists on your behalf and offers mental health, legal, and support services. Some organizations offer referrals; you are left to make appointment arrangements and pay for professional services on your own.


When looking at an agency, price is a crucial factor to consider. It would be beneficial if you enquired about an agency’s fees, including what is included (or not) and the due date.

Examine Several Organizations

Consider a few when researching egg donor organizations. Pick the option that feels correct. Use your gut to direct you. You could choose to attend a surrogacy conference and have face-to-face meetings with several experts “embryo transfer”.

Your ability to become a parent depends on selecting the appropriate egg donation and surrogacy facility.

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