A Close Look at Demon Slayer Swords

Nichirin swords are central to the plot of Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba, as they are the standard weapons for members of the Demon Slayer corps. These swords are crafted using a special ore that absorbs sunlight, giving the swords the ability to kill demons. They are also known as color changing katanas because their blades change color when held by a swordsman of sufficient skill. A sword’s coloration often corresponds to the breathing style of the user.

Whether you’re preparing a cosplay or you just want your favorite character’s sword, there are a lot of demon slayer swords to choose from in the show. This list will mention events that have taken place through the end of the Entertainment District Arc.

Main Character Swords

Tanjiro’s Sword




When Tanjiro’s sword was first presented to him, Haganezuka was dismayed to see it transform into a solid black blade. While this color is rumored to mean that a demon slayer will not advance far, Tanjiro Kamado might be the exception to this rule. His black nichirin sword is rather plain so far, though fans who are up to date will know that Tanjiro has already acquired a new fiery tsuba that may come into play in future seasons.

Zenitsu’s Sword

Zenitsu may only have mastered one thunder breathing technique, but his sword screams thunder breathing with its lighting design along the blade. His sword also features some triangle motifs to match Zenitsu’s haori.

Inosuke’s Swords

The standard look and feel of a nichirin sword is a little too refined for Lord Inosuke Hashibira and one sword just isn’t enough for him either. Inosuke wields two indigo-grey nichirin katanas with no tsuba and crude cloth wrapping around the hilts. He beats his freshly forged swords with stones, much to the chagrin of the swordsmiths, in order to chip them so that they carve and tear rather than slice cleanly.

Hashira Swords

Tomioka’s Sword

The first nichirin sword we see is the deep blue blade of water hashira Giyu Tomioka. This sword features a fushia hexagonal tsuba with a brass core. Matching Tomioka’s dedication to the mission of the corps, the blade has the words “Destroy Demons” engraved on its surface.

Rengoku’s Sword

Of all the standard katanas in the Demon Slayer Corps, the sword of that flame hashira certainly stands out from the rest. With a red orange blade that bears a flame pattern and a tsuba shaped like a burning flame, it’s not hard to guess what Kyojuro Rengoku excels at. To make his sword even cooler, the inscription on the blade reads “Destroyer of Demons” on the side. After Rengoku’s tragic defeat, his brother Senjuro gave the flame hashira’s tsuba to Tanjiro.

Shinazugawa’s Sword

The wind hashira has a sword with a green, jagged pattern up its blade. This demon slayer sword also has a tsuba with 8 radial points, like leaves in a cyclone. This sword was seen during the hashira meeting, where Sanemi Shinazugawa used it to stab Nezuko Kamado. In light of this sword stabbing Nezuko, we’re done talking about it.

Mitsuri’s Sword

While the love Hashira definitely made an impression during the Hashira meeting, we still have not seen her sword in the anime. According to the manga, Mitsuri’s sword is a long, whip-like pink blade with “Destroyer of Demons” engraved on its side. Her tsuba resembles a four leaf clover/four hearts arranged around the base of the blade. This long flexible blade resembles notoriously dangerous weapons like the indian urumi and hopefully we will get to see Mitsuri wield this wild, flexible sword.

Muichiro’s Sword

The mist hashira seems like a bit of a space cadet, but every mention of him has implied that he is an expert swordsman. So far we have only seen his black sheath and his sword’s hollowed rectangular hilt design and the black and mint handle that matches his hair. According to the manga, Muichiro’s sword is white in color.

Shinobu’s Sword

One of the most interesting demon slayer swords we’ve seen so far is the sword of the Insect Hashira Shinobu Kocho. What sets this sword apart is its lack of a long cutting edge. From a standard hilt and a flower shaped tsuba, the lavender-blue blade extends only far enough to bear the engraving “Evil Demon” on one side and “Destruction” on the other. Passing the engravings, the sword is a thin metal rod without a base until its spearlike point, which delivers demon-killing wisteria poison like an insect’s stinger.

Uzui’s Swords

Everything about the Sound Hashira is flashy, and that includes his weapons. Instead of the standard katana design most demon slayer swords feature, Tengen Uzui has two nichirin cleavers attached to one another with a chain.

Obanai’s Sword

So far the Serpent Hashira has only made comments from the sidelines, but we have not seen the unique blade yet. Similar to Indonesian Kris sword, Obanai’s lavender blade has a curved, wavy design. This, paired with the simple round tsuba with a snake on it, definitely plays into the style of Serpent Breathing.

Gyomei’s “Swords”

When it comes to unique hashira weapons, the Stone Hashira stands out from the crowd. Gyomei Himejima carries a dull gray broad nichirin handaxe chained to a medieval looking nichirin spiked flail. Sadly these weapons have not appeared in the anime, but eventually we will get to see the Stone Hashira in action.

Finding Demon Slayer Swords

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