Top things to do in Kareri Lake Trek


Kareri lake trek is one of the most beautiful treks which has a lot to offer. The lake is located in the kaminiki pass and the trek is 3100 ft above the sea level is located in the kangra region of himachal pradesh and is located in the dhauladhar range. 


The best time sought out to go for the trip is during pre monsoon that is during march to july and also during the post monsoon or before the extreme cold weather that is during november to december. The lake is frozen most of the time in the year. Always try to avoid going during monsoon because the course might become slippery and the trek turns into a difficult one. 


The plus point of this trip is that it is the perfect trip as it covers all aspects including the amazing nature, the thrill of the adventure and also because it doesn’t take a lot time and is more optimum for people who have a busy schedule and are looking for a getaway to lay out some stress and be one with the nature.

The primary thing one needs to understand is that the trip is more than just the destination, it’s more about the journey although it is a small trek, remember that nature is filled with wonders and the glacial waters is one of them. The crystal clear water flowing makes us feel one with nature. The lush green valley and the breath of fresh air is not something you get in your everyday concrete life. The thrill of trekking is something all of us should feel once in our life. 



There are various routes but you can travel from Delhi to Dharamshala from where you can drive to the base camp of our trek which is 1.5 hours from dharamshala.

There Are various means to travel to dharamshala such as train, car or flight but most appropriate one will be through car because one way or the other you are going to need it.


Short itinerary for your travels:


First you need to pack your bags and reach dharamshala from where you need to reach the base camp that is kareri village which will take around 2 hours. 

After reaching the base camp explore the village and then early in the morning leave for the next location that is rioti village which marks the beginning of your first trek that is for 5 hours although the path is well laid out by the villagers remember to take necessary precautions as the steps are a bit steep. After reaching rioti village tae rest by setting the camp and then rest for a bit. Along the way you’ll find small shops for foods and other stuff. Make sure to have some maggie and chai.


The next day you have to trek from rioto to kareri lake which is your final destination. The trek is around for 5 hours. After you reach there explore the place a bit and make sure to pack warm clothes because the night tends to cause temperature fall. The glacial water is the purest water you are going to see. The lake is beautiful and is the worth destination to end your trip

The next day you can explore more if you want or else can go back to kareri village as the tripp might be long and leave early, although it is not tiring as the first trip because it is mostly descent and doesn’t strain the leg as much.


Things to do during this trip?


  1. The nature view: there is different kind of vegetations due to change in the altitude which leads to decrease in green valleys and increase the conifers, deciduous forest and perennial flowers
  2. Birds: you can also view different kinds of birds during the trek.
  3. Waterfall: during the trek you’ll notice a decent waterfall
  4. Shiv temple: after leaving rioti after 15 minutes you’ll notice a shiv temple where you can pray and thank lord for this opportunity
  5. Visit kangra art museum: the museum is located at the core of dharamshala and is around km form the kareri lake.
  6. Dharamkot village: people tend to go to this place to look for peace. This is around 6.2 Km far from the kareri lake.
  7. St johns in the Wild church: this is located around 6.3 Km away from kareri lake and represents european culture along with a gothic theme.
  8. Bhagsu cascade and sanctuary
  9. Dalai lama sanctuary
  10. Triund journey