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Bhrigu lake is one of the beautiful places of Himachal Pradesh. This lake shows you the best visions that only one can dream of. 

Bhrigu lake is located 20 kms away from the city of Manali in the Kullu range. One can clearly view the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar range on being at the top near Bhrigu Lake.

However, to reach here there are certain stops to be passed. Have a look at all.

Guide to Bhrigu Lake trek:

  • After reaching Manali, the first stop is Gulaba Roadhead from where the journey to Bhrigu lake starts.
  • From this the next station is Jonker Thatch. Travellers usually stay here for a day and experience their first stay in a mountainous zone. It is more of a camping site.
  • The next place is Rola Kholi, again a camping site. You have to stay here and enjoy a night in the lap of nature.
  • Finally, the next destination will be the place that you are destined for. Bhrigu lake attracts people towards it due to its lush green meadows and grasslands.
  • The overall trekking distance will be 25 km.

Best features of Bhrigu lake trek:

  • Bhrigu lake is more a religious place and worshipped by people due to its sanctity.

     It is believed that at this place famous saint Maharishi Bhrigu did meditation for some time to reach near to the God.

  • This place has its own piousness and people worship this place like a temple. They believe that the water of the lake is pure due to the meditation process by the famous saint.
  • Bhrigu lake has alpine meadows all around. The height of this place is so high that it is above the treeline due to which hardly one can find trees here.
  • The sight of famous middle himalayas ranges is quite clear from such a height.
  • The altitude of Bhrigu lake is around 14,000 ft.
  • It is more of a monsoon trek as after this the lake or the meadows get covered with snow.
  • The major footfall can be seen in the month between July to September.
  • It is a 4-day trek so one can find a good time to spend in nature.
  • The trekking level is easy but be careful about your physique as the level of adventure all depends upon it.
  • The lake is shallow, small and marshy along the sides. One can find wildflowers grown there that add to its beauty.
  • Grasses can be of wide range from coarse to fine as one gains height.

Guide for trekkers and backpackers in Bhrigu lake:

If you are dreaming of a nature visit, you should be at this place at the right time.

         Things to be keep in mind while trekking at this awesome place:-

  • In this busy life surely one needs a break and what can be best if you spend your time in nature. If this is something coming in your head, have a visit to Bhrigu lake.
  • Being here needs a look at all the necessary things and stuff to be carried upon.
  • Have a call with your guide and ensure all the arrangements prior to the visit.
  • Keep a list of what would be taken along or not. The heavy bags should be avoided.
  • Extra pair of shoes and trekking suit should be carried along to deal with the unpredictable weather.
  • Have a look at the weather forecast to make your journey safer.
  • You can also talk about the weather from your guide. It will help you in your packing.
  • Take all the medicines that you need. Don’t depend upon the authorities for your medical help.
  • Take your ID Cards along with you as without this trekking is impossible.
  • Make sure that you have access to mobile phones to remain in touch with your dear ones. Do call your guide and ensure about the network there.
  • If it’s possible, be out of the world for a few days. Take a camera along with you to capture the beautiful memories there.
  • Keep a water bottle and a pack of snacks along with you. Dehydrated body and empty stomach is not a good idea for this long journey.
  • Along with the trekking, camping also has its own charm. Therefore, be careful to appreciate every moment.
  • To take a pair of warm clothes is not at all a bad idea. Hilly regions’ weather is completely unpredictable.

To safeguard yourself from any difficulties, stay in contact with your guide at all times.


Bhrigu lake has its own beauty, nature and freshness that one can enjoy. Just be there and rest all to be left in nature.