Thursday, December 1

Substitute For Banana In Smoothie

Nearly every smoothie recipe made by humans contains the banana. What else is there to do to create that smooth smoothie texture? Although bananas are an excellent ingredient to add to smoothies as a thickener, they also contain plenty of sugars, carbohydrates, and have a distinct flavor. But, there’s a solution! You can still have the delicious smooth smoothie with low calorie thickener without the yellow frightener of ours. I’ve discovered many other options to make your smoothie exciting and rich which don’t contain bananas.

The Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum is an ingredient that is commonly used particularly used in baked items made from vegan ingredients because it bonds all the components together. It is also used in items such as salad dressings, ice cream as well as a myriad of other food items. A small amount can go a long the way, but I’d suggest using a half teaspoon as small amounts go a long with the flow and it can cause your smoothie to become gummy! It’s available at stores such as Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Amazon.

Cauliflower Rice

My personal most-loved ingredient as it gives the perfect thickness, has no taste and there’s an entire whole serving of veggies in. What’s that about a Holy Grail? This is the trick it is that the cauliflower rice needs been frozen in order to perform its job. A cup of this and the smoothie will be thick enough to be eaten with the spoon. It is available at almost any supermarket within the section for freezers. If you’re planning to make some from those smoothies Try experimenting with cauliflower rice. Read also do water softeners make noise.

Chia Seeds

Have you been aware of a Chia egg or Chia pudding? Chia seeds are great when added to liquid. They expand and produce the appearance of a gel, which is crucial to give the smoothie the consistency of a thick liquid base for the first time. Typically, I add the chia seed mixture of 2 tablespoons inside an empty glass bottle and shake it and place it in the fridge for the night to allow it to perform its magic. Additionally, in addition to helping this make smoothies more thick but you’ll also be getting the omega-3s.


Chopped zucchini is perfect for smoothie thickeners since it has a mild taste. It won’t hinder the taste of your smoothie. Plus, it also packs a good portion of veggies. Like the cauliflower rice recipe, it is a great way of the process of incorporating all your vegetables into easy. Try the Green smoothie in place of banana mentioned as the ingredient, add the zucchini that you have frozen. My favorite method to incorporate zucchini as a component of smoothies is to cut it in pieces and freeze it, then blend it into a smooth, creamy drink. The kind of smoothie that I find myself looking forward to every day comprises half to one cup with almond milk a couple of packets of stevia, a bit of coffee, and an entire cup of frozen zucchini. It’s like Ice cream, however, it has there is no guilt afterward.


You’ve seen them. You enjoy them. Avocados can be found in breakfast foods that are savory like toast, or sweet baked goods such as brownies. However, why not stop there? Avocados aren’t just an excellent source of fat but also have the perfect densities to create a smoothie that is rich and delicious. What’s more is that when you’ve been a shopper at the supermarket and purchased enough avocados that you couldn’t ever eat all of them then you’re in good hands. Simply slice the avocados and place them into an Ziploc and then put them into the freezer. The result will be a smoothie getting even more dense. Acai bowls?

Protein Powder

Protein powder is effective because not just are you gaining the protein you’re consuming in the smoothie, but giving yourself an energizing drink that will keep you going for several hours. The reason it works is that protein powder draws in water in your smoothie that creates a more dense texture a.k.a. resultant in Creamy sweetness .