Most Commonly used Resume Format for a new job?

There are essentially 3 Resume Formats that are universally accepted in the world today that are namely, Reverse-Chronological, Functional and Hybrid. 

Reverse Chronological

This resume format focuses on highlighting an applicant’s work history above else. This is because most employers are looking for an employee that doesn’t need to be trained They want someone who has some know-how about how things work. The reasoning behind this is that training an employee takes time and resources and there’s no guarantee that you will retain that employee that’s why for more responsible positions employers would rather have someone that doesn’t cost them that much in terms of time and effort and can be hired one day and get to work the next. This is true for 90%+ of all scenarios.


This Resume Format pays more attention to an applicant’s skill-set and ability to make up for their lack of professional experience. It does that by moving the skills and talents section of the resume to the top all the while shifting the work history section to the bottom. This resume format is recommended for those who are new to the professional world or are in pursuit of pivoting their careers in a different direction.


This Resume Format uses the strengths of one aspect of a resume to make up for the weakness of the other. This can be used by anyone no matter where they are in their professional career given that they have the creative ability to utilize it properly. This may seem like it’s both worlds but if done incorrectly can lead to your resume looking sloppy and all over the place so to say caution is required would be a gross understatement. 

In this article, we will be focusing on those individuals who are looking for a new job. These individuals consist of recent college graduates, people who have worked in fields but have no related work experience to the desired job, and those who want to change their career path for a new opportunity. 

Most common Resume Format for a new job

As mentioned before the best and most commonly used resume format for this kind of individual is the functional resume format. In this article, we will go over why the functional resume format is recommended for these individuals and some insider tricks to create your resume with the functional resume format.

Use Keywords 

Keywords in resume writing are those words that an employer wants to see on an eligible resume. “Where to find these keywords?” you might ask. The answer lies in the job description portion of the job listing of the desired job. Since we are talking about individuals with very limited or no prior relevant work history or otherwise than those should focus more on the skills the employer has listed. It’s not just enough to jot down the skills that align with your repertoire verbatim but you should try and elaborate on the degree of expertise of the skill or any instance when the skill was used for desirable results.

No Professional History doesn’t mean any Relative Work History

Just because you never got paid for a job professionally, doesn’t mean the work history section of your resume goes blank. Think about any volunteer work or projects you’ve participated in that are even remotely related to the desired job or show instances of the utilization of skill and list it all down in your Work History.

Use a Resume Objective

Normally “Professional Summary” and “Resume Objective” are interchangeable terms but in this case, they both have very specific meanings. A Professional Summary as the name suggests condenses the highlights of your professional career into one paragraph which goes at the top of your resume. Since we assume that the individual creating the resume doesn’t have significant Work Experience we instead use the phrase “Resume Objective”. In a Resume Objective, an applicant should try and focus more showcasing their abilities and should write down why they want the job and how they will add to the value of the company listing it.

Know what you’re going for 

Since we’ve gone over how employers think about hiring it is recommended for individuals with limited job experience to know which jobs to aim for. This is because having a degree in food science and applying for a General Manager position at Nestle just isn’t practical and no matter how well your resume is made it won’t be eligible for consideration. So, to increase your chances of getting hired it is suggested to look at entry-level opportunities and jobs that have more to do with relatively basic skills. 

Resume Templates

When searching through resume templates it is recommended that applicants that fit the aforementioned criteria look at the Resume Templates carefully and see the degree of Customizability as most Resume Templates are made with the Reverse-Chronological Resume Format in mind. In conclusion, when picking out the resume templates you want to use try and find ones that are specially made for the Functional Resume format or ones that can be customized as in you can shift the sections of the resume around without messing up the structure of the Resume Templates.

Resume Builder

The last piece of advice we will leave you with is to play the field. This means applying to multiple companies as you might not hit gold on the first try. That being said we should also mention that in resume writing it is a recommended practice to create a targeted resume for each job opportunity you’re applying for. This can be quite a chore and leave you exhausted and drained. This is why we recommend using a resume builder to complete this task.

A resume builder is an online resume compiler that helps build multiple targeted resumes quickly. Just add a few crucial details about yourself, pick out a Resume Template of your choosing, and let the Resume Builder take it from there.

There are many online services, MyResumeLift that offer such a builder. The MyResumeLift resume builder not only assembles your resume for you but guides you with the content of your resume with thousands of pre-written text options correlating to the job or industry you want to go for. Visit MyResumeLift and try out their Resume Builder today to create your perfect resume.