What Is the Wedding Cake Strain All About?

The wedding cake terpene is a must-try if only for its amazing name. Visualize weddings and all their glory and you have a terpene named right after all that! Of course, it is going to be wonderful. The strain is an Indica-leaning Hybrid one that is used in wedding cakes as well as in vape pens.

What is the Wedding Cake Strain?

With at least a 25% THC level, it is definitely a potent strain to try. It is also commonly known as the Pink Cookies strain. It was Seed Junky Genetics who created it. A rumor has it that it is a crossbreed between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies.

What are the Effects of Wedding Cake Terpene?

Different people are affected differently by it. For example, some enjoy the euphoric high while some say it helps them relax and calm down. Perhaps a lot depends on the user’s body and tolerance levels. It is safe to say that you will experience many different sensations in a single vaping session.

Expect the high to come quickly. Intense thoughts and feelings come to the fore next. Euphoria follows and after an hour or so of this, be prepared to experience a deep sense of relaxation. The body enjoys relaxation and even your mind will calm down. You will be uplifted and creative but that is accompanied by calmness. Looking to unwind at the end of a busy week? This is the strain to try.

It is good to note that the strain which is available in weed bags 3.5 may be potent for first-time users. So if you are one, make sure to use just a few drops of this terpene. You can always increase the quantity the next time you vape.

Put It in Your Edibles

The good news is you can use this terpene in your edibles. This means cakes, cookies, and brownies. It works for people who have a sweet tooth. Enjoy the fantastic aromas and flavors of the strain and share them with friends. The sweet-smelling flavors of vanilla will titillate your senses as you take a bite of the cake. There are also some aromas of flowers and citrusy notes which people love.

Now that you know, make sure you get some of it for yourself for the next time you plan to bake. It is an addition you will love to make.


What does Wedding Cake strain help with?

The Wedding Cake strain is a stunning combination of potency and flavor. Aside from the delicious vanilla aftertaste, it has uplifting and relaxing properties. In addition, medicinal users claim that this strain relieves pain and provides short-term relief from depression.

Is Wedding Cake good for sleep?

Wedding Cake is a cross between Cherry Pie and GSC. Wedding Cake can have relaxing and calming effects but beware of its appetite-stimulating properties — use it after dinner if you’re going to bed.