Uses of the Cat6 Shielded Plenum Cable

When and where to use the Cat6 shielded plenum cable is the question almost every new network cable installer has. Because the cable is the most ideal for a lot of purposes in LAN and WAN networking, everyone has to know how they can benefit from it.

The Cat6 is a shielded cable 1000ft in length with a speed of 10 GBit/s over 50 meters and a bandwidth of 550 MHz. It features 4 twisted pairs of pure copper conductors that are easy to install and long-lasting. The jacket of the Cat6 shielded plenum cable is also important. Made from LSZH materials, it is the safest cable you can get.

These specifications make the shielded category 6 cable ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. It can also be used in both residential and commercial networks with a variety of networking requirements.

What are these requirements and where can the cable be used? Let’s find out in this blog. Be sure to read till the end.

Cat6 Cable

The Cat6 is an IEEE standardized twisted-pair ethernet cable with fairly decent performance requirements. Meaning that for any cable to be categorized as Cat6, at least a 250 MHz bandwidth and 1 GBit/s data transfer rate over 100 meters are necessary. So this cable has those performance specifications and is, therefore, a Cat6 cable.

Cat6 Shielded Cable

It comes with a shield underneath the plenum jacket. The shielding is intended to protect the data transmission from being interfered with. In wired ethernet networking, electromagnetic interference is a major problem that results in the poor performance of ethernet cables. This is particularly true in networks where cables are crowded.

Electromagnetic interference in networks is caused by the signals that are emitted from one cable into another. This happens when electric current flows in a conductor. So it is fairly common for ethernet cable to have EMI.

Pure Copper and Plenum Jacket

The Cat6 cable is produced with two types of conductors and three types of jackets. However, the one we are discussing today comes with a pure copper conductor and plenum jackets. Let’s find out what these are.

The bare copper conductors are the top-of-the-line option for all kinds of networks. They are easy to install and last for eons. Because copper is a ductile and pliable material, it can be twisted and turned into any shape of your desire easily. Moreover, pure copper is a corrosion-resistant material that ensures the everlasting performance of the Cat6 plenum cable.

The plenum jacket of the Cat6 shielded cable is also the best option you can get. This cable jacket can be used in indoor runs where air can flow freely – plenum spaces. The plenum spaces are indoor spaces above raised floors and dropped ceilings and in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) ducts. It is made from low smoke zero halogens (LSZH) materials that neither burn nor emit toxic smoke in a fire event. This makes the Cat6 shielded cable highly safe for indoor and outdoor use.

Overall, the performance and safety standards of the 1000ft shielded Cat6 plenum make it ideal for use in both in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

When to Use Cat6 Shielded Plenum

When to use the Cat6 shielded plenum cable? The simple and short answer is that it can be used when you need a high-performance or a mid-performance ethernet networking cable.

And the relatively longer answer lies in the construction and specifications of the cable. It is designed to be rugged and sturdy. Lasts for a very long time, a minimum of 10 years, and performs at gigabit speeds over 100 meters. As mentioned, the cable jacket is also highly safe for use in all kinds of installations.

So these specifications and the cutting-edge construction of the cable mean that it can be used when the priorities of your network are safety and high performance in extreme conditions. If you need your network cable to be sturdy, easy to install, and high-performing, you need the Cat6 shielded cable.

Where to Use Cat6 Shielded Plenum

From a networking engineer’s perspective, the cable can be installed anywhere. It is so versatile that you can even use it in data centers and server rooms. Because the cable can support 10 Gbit/s data transfer speed over 50 meters, it can be used where the data transfer speed requirements are high.

Moreover, the cable has a voluminous bandwidth and the conductors are shielded. This makes it ideal for use in highly dense networks.

Do I need the Cat6 Shielded Cable?

It depends on your requirements. Do you need at least 1 Gigabit per second data transfer rate with 550 MHz bandwidth? The cable also has excellent resistance against EMI, so that would be useful if your network is crowded.

In addition to that, you will need the cable if you are looking for an everlasting cable – well everyone wants a cable that lasts. Lastly, the cable is affordable but compared to other Cat6 cables, it is expensive. So you will need to consider that as well.

Where to Buy?

Buy the Cat6 shielded cable with the plenum jacket and 100% pure copper conductors from any online store that offers you a warranty and free shipping with professional customer support. This Cat6 plenum cable has pure copper conductors and is foil shielded. It is one of the best on the market and will last for a very long time. The cable is offered with a warranty (terms and conditions apply) and free shipping as well.

Bottom Line

The Cat6 shielded plenum cable is a 1000ft bulk cable with a whopping data transfer speed and bandwidth capacity. It has exclusive shielding for protection against EMI and other forms of crosstalk. Standardized by IEEE and in compliance with the ANSI/EIA/TIA safety and performance standards, the cable is ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor runs. And it can be used in both residential and commercial networks.