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How to draw a Guinea Pig

How to draw a Guinea Pig

You can get many lovely pets, from rabbits too cute puppies! However, one of the cutest friends you can have is the guinea pig.

These small fur rodents are available in many different colors and types, and because they are so distinct, many people would like to learn to draw a little pig.

If you want to draw a friend from Guinea, keep reading this guide to see how you can do it!

Our step guide on how to draw a pig of India will show how easy it can be!

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Drawing Guinea Pig

Step 1:

To start this guide on drawing a pig from India, we will start with the body and go to the guinea pig.

The guinea pig will be faced by the right hand, and the rear will be drawn with a rounded and shredded line.

The line shirt will be used to give the appearance of the hair. He will have a short back before moving through his head.

There will be clearer lines on the head to show the hair so it will go to the face in front.

As you can see in the connection picture, the face is a little more rounded and less shredded in the line of work because it will not be so hairy. After making your face flat, you will be ready for step 2!

Step 2:

We’ll add legs and a belly to your Indian piggy design for this next step! The rear legs will be downstairs but will have long feet on the floor.

You can draw a small serrated line at the top of the leg to suggest hair there. The belly will then be tracked with a line that curves in the guinea pig.

The front legs will be a little longer and thinner than the rear, and the feet in them will also be slightly smaller.

Step 3:

At this stage of our guide on how to draw a guinea pig, we will add several elements to the body outline.

For starters, you can attract your eye to your guinea pig. It will be designed as a black circle full of a small white circle inside to suggest light in the eye.

Then, you can draw an ear just above and behind the eye. The ear will be relatively large and will fall.

You can draw it with a combination of straight lines and curves, as shown in the reference image.

Finally, you can draw a thick tail on the back of the guinea pig. Once you have these elements, you are in step 4!

Step 4:

Your guinea pig’s piggy design is starting to take shape now! A little pig -Dia may have many different skin models, and we will start drawing the pattern at this stage.

These lines should be rolled and fallen like the other lines you used for hair in this guide. The first reason will come from the top of the head and around the eyes. Then another line will come down from her and under her mouth.

As for the mouth, you can use a curved line to give a smiling mouth to your guinea pig design!

Step 5:

How to draw a Guinea Pig

We have only a few details to be added to this stage of our guide on drawing a pig of India! At this stage, you can add more skin details, like the ones you designed for the face in the previous step.

You can add two of these lines to the body to complete the details of your guinea pig!

Before you continue, you can also add any other fun detail you want! It can be good to draw a background for your guinea pig, and you can draw accessories such as a catering bowl or some toys.

How will you finish this image before going to the last step?

Step 6:

How to draw a Guinea Pig

Now that you have finished your drawing, little pigs can give life to beautiful colors!

An Indian pig may be available in a wide variety of different colors so that you have many options at your disposal when coloring.

If you already had a guinea pig, you can color it to stay!

After deciding the colors you use, you can also play with different art supports.

If you want a deeper classic image, you can use something like watercolors or colored pencils for this kind of look.


4 Other ways to draw a single guinea pig

Make this lovely pate of the collection even better with these 4 ideas!

Any owner of a guinea pig will tell you that these are highly social animals. For this reason, we think it would be perfect to add friends to the drawing of a pig!

You have finished the guide, and now you know how to draw a little pig -Da -índia. You must follow the steps and maybe change some details to have as many friends to guinea pigs as you want.

How many little pigs would you like to have?

Speaking of change details, you can also have fun customizing this particular guinea pig. These rodents come in all types of colors and fur patterns, so you can be creative with them.

It can also be fun to draw several little pigs. Each one looks unique. What do you think colors and patterns are great in this guinea pig we created during this guide?

Cobayes also like to eat all types of tasty vegetables and other types of food. We thought it would be great to add delicacies to this drawing of little pigs!

An Indian pig will always be happy to enjoy foods such as lettuce, spinach, kale, and many other types. You can also add color peppers!

When adding these keys, this guinea pig will have a party to enjoy.

Finally, you can finish this outline of guinea pigs with a background. The little pigs love their food but also like to have toys to play with and an interesting habitat to explore.

The only limit is your imagination so that you can project the final mansion of India Pig! It can include pipes so it can crawl, toys to play with, and beds to be comfortable.

After deciding the items you want for your little pigs, don’t be afraid to use many colors to make it even better!


Your drawing of little pigs is complete!

When you accept a new drawing challenge, you can always overcome it if you do it step by step and do your best! We also hope this guide is useful and a lot of fun using it!

Now that you are over, you can always add your keys to make this image even more exclusive.

If you do this with a background, designed accessories, or colors, we know you will do an amazing job!

Be sure to consult our site for more excellent tutorials! We also always download new guides, so be sure never to lose!