EHR Software Comparison: TherapyNotes, Practice Mate and Simple Practice

This article will compare the features of three popular ehr software programs on the market: Office Ally’s Practice Mate, AdvancedMD’s Therapy Notes and SimplePractice’s EHR. I will also discuss the differences in pricing between products. You’ll be able decide if it’s right for you once you have a clear understanding of the key features and benefits.

Office Ally’s Practice Mate EHR

Office Ally practice Mate is one of the most widely used EHR software solutions. This software was designed for small- to medium-sized practices. It has many useful features that can be used to improve workflow organization. The free claims submission service allows clinicians to submit claims for over 5,000 insurance companies. This is a great feature for medical offices who receive claims from insurance companies frequently, but can’t afford to hire an independent company.

The software’s ease-of-use is another strength. It integrates well with other practice management software and is simple to use. There are multiple columns that can be used to organize practitioners, resources and appointments. It also has color-coded appointment fields as well as check-in/out options. It also provides an intuitive billing display that allows you to see which claims have been rejected by patients. The software allows users to create patient appointments lists and schedule meetings.

AdvancedMD’s Therapy notes EHR

These are just a few of the key features that AdvancedMD’s Therapy Notes software offers. You can schedule different types events using the software, including one-time appointments as well as recurring sessions. The software allows you to set the type of event and the code for the clinician. You then can simply enter the details. Its simplicity is what gives it an advantage over the rest. It can’t handle custom fields. It’s priced similarly to other products in terms of pricing.

This software does not offer the best customer support. AdvancedMD provides extensive customer support but it can be a deterrent to some. Although customers complained about the difficulty in communicating with their doctor, other reviewers were pleased with the quality of the support they received. AdvancedMD also offers per-encounter payments, which might be attractive to large practices. However, it has some drawbacks that may make it less appealing to small practices.

SimplePractice Therapy Notes

To determine which solution is best for their practice, therapists should carefully evaluate the features and price of SimplePractice’s Therapy NOTEs software. TherapyNotes’ cost is less than SimplePractice’s, but it is more expensive if your practice is going to take large volumes of credit card transactions. The former is also easier to use and offers better customer support.

The dashboard can be customized by users. Other features include reminders and deadlines. You can configure the software to generate website code and process credit cards. The software supports billing and consultation forms. It can also perform clinical functions well. Therapists may not find the many customization options they need to customize the software to their specific needs. This functionality may not be for everyone.

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Pricing structure for Office Ally’s Practice Mate Software

Office Ally Practice Mate EHR is a complete EHR system. It provides all the tools doctors need to manage their practice. It is safe and secure and offers a variety of clinical functions. The software allows you to submit claims to more than 5000 payers and performs insurance eligibility checks. Practice Mate also offers free customer support. Practice Ally offers unique clinical services to help doctors avoid burnout.

Office Ally Practice Mate’s free cloud-based version is available with many features, including scheduling, superbills and appointment reminders, as well as reporting and claims creation. The software also includes an EHR 24/7 module. The software costs $30 per month and allows you to submit claims to more than 5000 payers. You can also track each claim’s status with the software. Office Ally’s Practice Mate meets HIPAA requirements and is suitable to small practices.