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A Life-Changing Encounter with the Akashic Records Reading

Akashic Records is a soul book that holds the totality of every little and big thing that happened to anybody’s life. Our Akashic Records Reading unlocks the soul’s story within the divine knowledge of the immediate present. Starting from the instant a soul came into existence with its present and future probabilities. 

Your Akashic Record is like a breathing database that carries all the details of your past lives you have lived so far. Links between your past and current lives lead to a sneak peek into your future intuitions.

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Understanding the Akashic Records To Understand Oneself

When an individual’s Akashic Records are unlocked, it makes it possible to seek answers to the issues acting as hurdles in your current life. Your exposure to your past will be a healing experience that creates a mentally healthy balance between your past lives and the very immediate ones. 

You can also imagine it working as a search engine for your soul. It helps us practice mindfulness and let go of the past burden of experiences that no longer serve us. It means to unburden our souls from the weight of past experiences and emotions that are no longers ours to carry. 

Why Access the Akashic Records?

You can gain an insight into your previous lifetimes and provides a  better understanding of yourself spiritually by accessing your own Akashic Records. The Akashic Records holds every experience that has ever existed and shows every possibility that will ever exist. 


What is Akashic Records Reading? 

Akashic Records Reading is an exceptional experience that is individual and private. It starts with moralizing with the Sacred Prayer to open the channel and reach the wakefulness of spiritual guidance. It involves receiving messages and giving that is filled with love and compassion. Our soul is never considered alone and is always accompanied through its next journey of new life by our past experiences. Visit the website for more details;


It is believed that when the soul separates from the source and enters the different levels of matter, it emits a specific sound or tone.  The tone echoes our first and last name in the next incarnation, containing details about the soul being incarnated. To reach out this information of our soul, the spirit holding the Akashic plane provides us a symbolic key in the form of sacred and secret prayer.


Simply put, we feel that our soul is never alone and always supported by our past lives’ unconditional love. Hence, Akashic Records Reading is a divine, perceptible manifestation of an individual soul’s divine origin, of the soul’s circulations from the unknown and the unknowable.


Thus, a Reading is an inspired reading aloud of an individual’s divine soul story.

Three Main Components of Akashic Records Readings?

After the Akashic Records are opened for an individual, the following three main components  join to produce the flow of the Reading:


  • Receiver: An Akashic Record Reading is always carried by the intention of the individual whose records are opened. The individual is referred to as the receiver around whom the reading centers. 


  • Reader: The reader is the individual who opens the Akashic Records for the receiver. The reader conducts and guides the Akashic Records within agreements that focus solely on the receiver.


  • Reading: Reading is simply the flow of knowing retrieved, received, and transmitted by the reader to the receiver from the receiver’s Akashic Records.

What is the Purpose of the Akashic Records Reading? 

The Akashic Records Reading gives you control and transformation by giving you the wisdom, energy, and guiding support in your present lifetime. The spiritual archive of Souls’ past, present, and future possibilities is the absolute domain of mystics, saints, and intellectuals.

How can the Akashic Records Reading Training be Life-Changing? 

The Akashic Records are like a ‘database’ of information that goes beyond all the realms and dimensions of individual past lifetimes.  Just consider it a massive library of information, like an energetic database that stores every choice we had ever made as individual souls. The Akashic records can be viewed as a celestial mirror that reflects our past decisions and desires. So Akashic Records Reading Training be life-changing in the following numerous ways:

Balances the Mental and Emotional Imbalances

If a soul has experienced childhood trauma, it’s pretty evident that it would show those dysfunctional outcomes in his later life. It would also later show problems with communicating the truth. If these mental and emotional imbalances are not addressed timely, they finally get incorporated into the physical body as diseases or pains. So getting Akashic Records Consultations reveals the complex life patterns that hinder one’s mental and emotional balance with your soul and body.

Personal Transformation of a Negative to a Positive Outlook 

Akashic Record Reading helps you let go of the old stubborn habits that stand in the way of improving your relationships in your personal or work life. It transforms you from a negative to a positive outlook by opening yourself to new significant changes. Clear your head from all the confusion created by the old habits to adapting to new, better changes. 

Psychological Healing from Past Pain and Trauma

Psychologically trauma is easily passed down through generations. By learning to access and unlock your Akashic Records, you can help release ancestral karmic debt that has imprisoned you from getting the universal blessings. Some people all of their lives find it difficult to cope with past pain and trauma, which leads to crippling them to live life at their whole self. Akashic Records Reading provides psychological support in letting go of the mind’s fears rooted in the source of emotional challenges that one carries from past lives.

Create Extensive Relations through the Universe

Many of us feel alienated and separated from our souls during the entire journey of our lives. We find it tremendously tricky to bridge this loneliness that we feel from the inside toward the outside. The Akashic Records will surely give you the power to heal yourself from inside and counter these fears of being left out alone in the universe. Akashic Records delivers this most powerful remedy that helps you conquer the mind’s expectations and fears.

Wrapping Up

In an Akashic Records Reading, you establish peace with yourself and the world around you by releasing your fears and healing the scars you feed to the extent that it cripples your mind and soul. You can bring a noticeable change in your personal and professional life by availing of Akashic Records Consultation. Get a permanent life-changing experience from the awareness of who you are from the deepest hidden spots of your soul!