5 Ways to Ensure You Get the Best Engineering College

We can understand your anxiety. You have just got your class 12 result in your hands, appeared for a few entrance examinations but are still in doubt about how to find the best college for engineering. It certainly is not easy but we can help you make a proper routine that can guide you in the process of finding a good college.

Before that, we hope that you have your interests sorted because that becomes the base for everything. Also, you need to keep a check if your interest will sustain in the future or not. There can be no good reason to pursue something that will not be valuable.

The best way is to list out all the things that you are interested to pursue in your college and then do proper research about them.

5 Ways To Ensure Your Admission Into A Good Engineering College:

  1. List Down All Top Universities According To Your Interest:

If you are sitting down for the first time then maybe it is possible that you don’t have a list of top colleges. If you do, then you have saved your efforts and move to the next step else, you have to first find the top college in your preferred domain. There are many criteria you can choose to do this, you can find the best college in an area, country, or according to the engineering stream that you want. If you are in Kolkata, you can search for the best engineering colleges in Kolkata, this will give you multiple results. The biggest task is to find a genuine list of these results.

  1. Find The Available Courses:

We assume that you will already have all the courses that you might want to pursue listed. If not, firstly start with that part. With the list, you can find which universities have the course that is at the top of your own list. This will help you set a rank, or help you decide the priority. You can’t focus on all the universities so better to focus on one at a time.

  1. Know Which One You Are Eligible For:

There are some universities that will allow you admission based on your class 12th results. Some of them might have their own entrance examination and other preferences that you have attempted some of the national level tests. Make sure you find out which of the selected universities are you eligible for.

  1. Look At Past Placement Records:

One of the most important aspects that you should be looking at is the past placement records of the university. This will tell you a lot about what your future might look like. Although it is not sure that the records will follow, you might get either the best or the worst depending on your luck and efforts.

  1. Talk To The Students From The University:

“Future of engineering is not so bright”, this is something that only those who haven’t got success will say. But, the truth is that people say that didn’t do proper research about the university they got admission into. For example, if you want admission into IEM Kolkata, you can go on to the websites and other digital mediums, but nothing can be as honest as asking a student who is studying there at the moment. Always prefer asking someone who is there in the university in the same year when you are thinking of getting into it.


If you want to make sure that you are not choosing some mediocre university you need to be alert and research well. If you can’t research well, there is nothing that will save you from all the struggles than proper research. There are so many colleges boasting about fake facts and telling lies that a student can only understand after spending a few weeks after their admission. This is why you should do all those things before you regret your decisions. Better to be double sure, because you might be trapped inside a beautiful campus with zero value education or vice-versa.