This Website Is Bringing Asian Comics To The Web, and It’s AMAZING

Asian Comics

Comics have always been an important medium for storytelling, and as the world broadens, so too does the range of comics that are available to be read. One such comics-based website that is bringing Asian comics to a wider audience is  Webtoon Xyz, and their website design is absolutely fantastic!

What is Comixology?

Comixology is a digital comics platform that lets users buy and read comics across devices. Created in 2009, the company was acquired by Amazon in 2014.Comixology offers a variety of reading experiences, including desktop apps for computers and iOS and Android devices, as well as a web app that can be used on any device with a browser. The company has also developed its own native comics reading experience for Kindle Fire tablets and the Fire HDX 8.9 tablet. Comixology is committed to diversity and inclusivity and provides a wide range of content, including graphic novels, manga, children’s books, audio books, and Spanish-language titles. The Comixology app includes access to over two million comics, graphic novels, and manga titles from publishers like Marvel Entertainment, DC Entertainment, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse Comics, Valiant Entertainment, Image Comics, Zenescope Entertainment, Dynamite Entertainment, and collections from Archie Comics and Toei Animation.

How Comixology Works

Comixology is a website that specializes in digital comics. It was founded by Jason Chen in December of 2008. It allows users to purchase and download comics from a variety of different publishers. As of February 2015, Comixology has over 2 million comic books available for sale. It also offers graphic novels, manga, and children’s books. Comixology charges a subscription fee for its services, but it also offers a free trial period for new users.

Why Asian Comics Matter

Asian comics like  webtoon xyz have long been a staple in the comic book industry, but they’ve largely been inaccessible to mainstream audiences. That’s changing with the proliferation of web-based publishing platforms, which are making Asian comics more accessible than ever before.

Founded in 2013 by manga artist Jason Thompson and web developer Charles Lee, the website is dedicated to bringing Asian comics to a wider audience. Thompson explained his motivation for starting the website: “I wanted to showcase some of the best Asian comics out there, and I thought that online publication would be a better way to do that than through traditional comic book stores.” has become an important source of information for fans of Asian comics. The site publishes original content as well as translations of popular Japanese manga titles. It also hosts forums where readers can discuss their favorite titles and share tips for reading them.

The website has had a significant impact on the visibility of Asian comics in the United States. In addition to introducing new readers to the genre, has helped to promote Asian comics from within the mainstream comic book industry. Thompson credits the website with helping to secure a distribution deal for his title Samurai Jack:

What to Expect when Accessing Comixology’s Comics

When you sign up for Comixology’s Comics, you’re in for a treat. Not only do they have an expansive library of manga and graphic novels. But they also have an impressive selection of Asian comics. If you’ve never seen these before, prepare to be amazed.

These comics are typically published in magazines in Asia. And are often incredibly detailed and drawn with a high level of artistry. They can be quite complex stories with intricate plots, and they’re often filled with vibrant colors and intricate details.

If you’re a fan of graphic novels or manga, you definitely need to check out the selection at Comixology’s Comics. The library is packed with amazing titles that will leave you entranced and spellbound.


When I first heard about this website, my jaw literally hit the floor. Asian comics have always been a favorite of mine. And to see them brought online in such an amazing way is just fantastic. This website is packed with great content. And it’s easy to see why it has already gained a large. Following among comic book fans all over the world. If you’re looking for some great reading material that will excite your inner geek, then be sure to check out this website!