How To Fix Printer’s Printing Issue ?

Printer problems usually come in the most untimely manner. Here are a few options to get the printer functioning, whether you print from your phone, computer, or tablet.


Printers are fantastic when they function; however, it can be a nightmare when they don’t. Here’s how to fix many of the most frequent problems, like printing not at all due to blocked nozzles or Epson printer won’t print and other issues.

Printers can be reliable for a long time and produce thousands of prints. However, they also have the potential to malfunction or Epson printer won’t print or cease to function thoroughly.

Sometimes, the reason can be something as simple as excessive or under-use. Many people don’t use the Inkjet printers frequently enough, which could cause problems caused by dried-up ink that blocks the nozzles. The frequency of overuse is lower than abused papers hair bands, paper clips, and even food particles can fall into printers, causing jams in the paper (and more severe problems).

If your printer cannot be repaired using these suggestions, look at our selection of the most efficient printers to purchase and the most affordable printer prices currently.

My printer isn’t printing.

There are numerous reasons the Epson printer not printing properly or Epson printer won’t print. Therefore, you should begin by looking to determine if an error or a warning light is flashing on the printer. Verify that there is a newspaper in the tray(s). Check that the cartridges for ink or toner aren’t complete and that you have the USB cable and printer-connected Wi-Fi.

You can try the USB connection instead if it’s a wireless or network printer. We’ve found that some wireless printers aren’t reliable regarding their connectivity. Therefore, it’s a good idea to unplug your printer and any powerline network adapters, then switch the device back on.

Choose the printer that is right for you!

Sometimes, a printer can’t print or Epson printer won’t print because you’ve installed software that includes a virtual printer, which has been set as the default. If you press Print, the file will be saved to this virtual printer instead of being sent to the physical printer.

You must open your Control Panel from the Start menu to confirm this. After that, go into Devices and Printers, right-click the printer you want to use, and set it to be the default. (While when you’re at it, make sure to make sure that the printer’s status is set to ready. If it’s not, this could cause the issue.)

Make sure you have selected the correct printer within the application you are printing in. Microsoft offers a printer troubleshooter who can assist you in detecting issues. Click the Fix button to download and run the program. Then follow the instructions in the wizard.

You can also access your Control Panel, Devices, and Printers Click on the printer icon, then select Troubleshoot. This isn’t always helpful, but it’s worth giving it a shot.

HP offers the print and scan Doctor to find issues, and Canon offers a variety of excellent instructional videos on its site – choose your printer model and then click on the Troubleshooting video link.

What’s wrong with printing using my phone or tablet?

To print using the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, Printers must have Wi-Fi connectivity and allow Air Print. The range of Air Print printers is indeed growing. However, several printers, especially older models, still do not allow it.

If you own a Mac with a printer installed, you can convert the device into an Air Print printer with Handprint. Printer Pro is an app for iOS devices that allows users to print to various wireless printers or wired printers connected to the PC and Mac.

Certain Samsung phones, tablets, and printers are made to work in tandem, and printing is easy. Samsung has also developed its application for printing on its printers, which includes printing on iPhones.

To print directly from your Android smartphone or tablet to any printer that is connected to a PC, you can utilize Google Cloud Print.

Set up Cloud Print on your mobile device via Google Play. Google Play store. Then, using Google Chrome on your PC, click the menu settings, advanced settings, and then click Manage. It is then possible to connect the printer to the computer. As long as the printer and the PC are on, you can print using the Android device.

Do I have to replace the cartridges?

Printers warn you that the ink will run out earlier than it is. If you print only occasionally, the remaining ink and toner may last for another few weeks, if not months.

Purchase new cartridges immediately after the message appears; however, do not install them until ceases printing or colors diminish. One trick for laser printers would be to uninstall the cartridge with low capacity and gently shake it from side to side. This can allow the remainder of the ink to be utilized. Sometimes, the counter is utilized, and the cartridge will be considered empty when a certain number of pages have been printed.

HP offers an intriguing plan for many of its printers. Pay per month for cartridges, and they automatically arrive on time.

If the color ink you’ve purchased is running out, but you still need to print, then you could be in a position to set that printer’s print settings to print in black and white. You’ll locate this setting in the printer’s properties in the Control Panel or by selecting the option when you are trying to print from the application you wish to print with.

Why don’t websites, Excel documents, and photos print correctly?

Web pages

The web pages are of any size and aren’t bound by the size or width of the paper you print with the printer. They’re usually not intended to be printed, so that problems may arise.

Always select your Print Preview option to check out what you’ll receive. It is possible that you don’t need every page, for instance, in the case of a large number of ads or comments. So, use the print preview option to print the pages you want, like 2-3 to print pages 2 to 4. Select landscape mode if your webpage is extensive.

Often, there is a shrink-to-fit option within the printer settings. It can be helpful when your photo or document isn’t quite large to fit on the page. Certain web pages, like those that offer printable coupons, feature an option to print on the page. Make use of that, not the print menu available in the browser.

Office documents

If you’re printing the Excel sheet, select only the cells you want to print before you click Print. After that, you can select Print selection and alter your other choices to ensure the sheet is suitable for an A4-sized sheet. You can also do other things, including shrinking the margins or switching from portrait to landscape orientation.

Similar to printing in a Word document or other document, you can usually specify the pages you want to print, so you don’t have to print all of them.

Photos and images

For images or photographs you would like to reproduce, it’s ideal to right-clicking them within Windows Explorer and click Print. This allows you to decide how big you want to print each image.

If you select multiple pictures in a folder, press the Print button and then right-click on them. You can print them all at the same time in addition to more than one Print per sheet of paper (and you can also select the size of the paper). It’s similar to the “n-up option in the Printing properties, allowing users to print several pages of documents on one paper of the size of an A4.

Why is my printer saying “Error”?

There are several possibilities; however, the most frequent is paper-related. First, you should check whether the input tray is empty. It’s essential to look for jammed papers. If you spot one, you should figure out the reason for it instead of just removing the paper crumpled from the tray of paper and assuming you’ve sorted it out.

Remove the paper from the tray, open every flap and peek inside. You may require an illumination source to illuminate the paper and long tweezers for reaching the paper, mainly when it’s a tiny piece that has been cut off and stuffed in the.

Examine the printer’s underside as there might have an access panel that could be removed to look at and cleanse the paper feed mechanism.

The old paper may take in moisture, making it stick, and it’s removed from two or more sheets at once. Please place it in a plastic bag until you need it. Go through Canon’s troubleshooting tutorial videos to learn how to get rid of bits of paper trapped in printers.

Also, consider using thinner paper. Most home printers can take care of photo paper at the limit. Printing isn’t standard on cards because they are too rigid to print around corners.

What is the reason why print quality is poor?

The nozzles on printer heads may become blocked, resulting in horizontal streaks on prints and incorrect or poor colors. Cleaning the print heads could resolve the issue. The procedure differs from printer to printer, and there could be an option in the printer’s control panel or the software for printing on the PC.

It is possible to research this inside the user manual. You could find a maintenance section in the printer’s properties (either through an application or the Windows Control Panel).

You can click it to clear the printer heads and align them. Head cleaning kits cost approximately PS10 on Amazon, although evaluating the cost of purchasing a new cartridge is essential. There’s no way to guarantee that the cleaning kit will solve the issue.

The paper type affects the print quality, and the photocopier paper could let you down.

It could be too absorbent, and the inkjet the ink can soak into it, similar to the paper that is blotting. Get the high-quality paper to get top-quality prints. This usually comes printed by the printer’s manufacturer specifically for printing images.

Laser printers aren’t as dependent on paper. Smudges or spots in the exact spot on every page typically indicate that there is dirt in the printer, most often in the drum.

Be careful when cleaning the drum, using only isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free, soft cloth.

Learn from the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to take off and wash the drum, sometimes referred to as an OPC.

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