Why choose high bay LED lights for your Indoor warehouse facility?

The number one suggestion you’ll receive when looking for a warehouse lighting solution is LED lights. Yet why use LEDs? Due to their effectiveness, LED High Bay Lights have recently displaced many older fixtures in warehouses and garages.

A warehouse lacks windows, which adds to the darkness, and has rather high ceilings, so it is unlikely that you would find any natural light there. Due to the high ceiling, it consumes more power to illuminate the entire spacious area, resulting in high utility costs. 

Between investing money and investing money well, there is a huge difference.

Compared to metal halides and fluorescents, LED high bay lights to offer significantly greater performance. Traditional lighting sources use a lot of energy to illuminate an area, but they only convert around 15% of that energy into light and 85% into heat. 

Why Do Warehouses Need Lots Of Light?

We all know that a warehouse is an indoor facility with a lot of open space, but no natural light sources need a lot of light to function properly. Because of this, the warehouse needs a fixture that emits a tonne of light. 


LED lighting options with presence-detecting light management systems are advised for energy conservation:

Only when individuals are inside the detection range are luminaires turned on.

The following were some requirements for a warehouse space:

Bright Light: The warehouse is a large space, thus, a great deal of light is needed to view everything. A fixture needs to produce a lot of lumens in order to be bright.

Power Intake: While any fixture might produce superior lighting, the key question is, “How much energy would they consume?” A power usage check must be performed before making any decisions. 

Why should a warehouse choose LED high bay lights?

There are many benefits to using a standard lighting fixture, but for warehouse spaces, LED High Bay lights are a better option.

Energy Efficiency: To illuminate the large room from the high ceiling, the LED fixtures don’t use a lot of power. Metal halides, on the other hand, are employed for high-energy operations and rapid heating.

Sizes Available: There are 2ft and 4ft linear LED lights that can be readily mounted in space and emit light from the drop ceiling.

Equivalency: Let’s use an illustration to explain this: A 400W metal halide fixture is equivalent to 150 UFO High Bay lights. This implies a 250W energy savings per fixture.

Light Shade: In addition to cost savings, it’s important to look at the fixture’s light shade. The fixture brightens the area with bright light using the 4000K (Warm white light) and 5700K (Day white light) colour temperatures.

Light Quality: The things will appear more realistic and natural when lit by the light from these indoor fixtures, which have a CRI of above 80.

Quantity of Light: The lumen output determines the quantity of light that reflects the fixture’s brilliance. The more lumens you need to light a place, the broader the space is.

Dispersion Angle: One of the most crucial characteristics of these LED appliances is their ability to offer illumination at a 120-degree angle, making it simpler to eliminate black patches. Additionally, using this capability, you may keep items that are stored even in a room’s corner more visible since regular or metal halide light rays never reach the far corners.

Lifespan: LED lights have a 50,000-hour lifespan, which means they won’t need to be replaced for 5–6 years.

Resistance: These LED high bay lights are water and rust proof and won’t be damaged by even a drop of moisture; this is a very important factor to take into account as frequently due to the inability to protect themselves from the rust and moisture, the lights at the commercial or residential places get damaged, requiring expensive repairing. However, if you decide to utilise these LEDs, you may benefit from improved lighting without worrying about its destruction due to rust and water as a result of these fixtures’ IP 65 classification, which makes them more resilient and strong.

Maintenance: Because this fixture uses little energy, no maintenance is required for the remainder of its useful life.

These are the main characteristics that draw the majority of warehouse owners due to their effectiveness and ability to save at least 90% of your money on lighting costs and maintenance. Additionally, it forbids you from compromising on the illumination needs. So, now that you know why high bay LED lights are just the right option for you, the next thing on your list should be searching for the best supplier for high-quality lights for your warehouse. So without wasting any more time, we suggest you start today and make sure not to leave the research behind!