What is : Empty in About:Blank web Browser?

Are you getting about:blank in your web browser? Do you know what it is? And why does it appear in your browser? This article will answer all your questions. ‘ about:blank ‘ is nothing but a blank page in your browser and it is almost common among all web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari etc. So no need to panic if you keep getting a blank page in your browser.

About:Blank page is similar to other internal commands. Any URL followed by about: indicates that your internal system should perform an action. For example, if you type about:downloads in the Chrome browser’s address bar, it will show you a list of downloads. It has nothing to do with the internet. Similarly, when you type about:blank into your browser’s address bar, it simply loads a blank page.

Is About Blank helpful?

The main purpose of using about:blank is to launch a blank page when the browser is opened. We usually notice that browsers open up with so many unwanted content, ads or news, etc. It can be annoying to look at useless things. On the other hand, it distracts from the main work, opening new links with each click. Apart from this reason, web pages can consume a huge amount of bandwidth. So about:blank becomes useful here. You can change your browser settings so that it opens with a blank page.

How to set About:Blank as your homepage

In Firefox

set about:blank in Firefox
  1. Press Menu and select Options .
  2. Click on General .
  3. Under Startup , choose to display a blank page when Firefox starts.
  4. Click OK .

In Google Chrome

Google Chrome usually opens with a blank page. But if your Chrome browser opens a web page, you can change it in just a few steps.

Google Chrome browser settings
  1. Go to Settings .
  2. In the Launch section, change the setting to Open New Tab Page .
change startup in chrome

In Internet Explorer

  1. Look for about:blank in your IE browser.
  2. When the page opens, go to Menu and select Internet Options .
  3. Under General Select Use Current to set the current URL ( about:blank ) as your home page.
  4. Click OK .

On safari

set about:blank in Safari
  1. Visiting about:blank in the safari browser.
  2. Click on the Safari tab and select Preferences .
  3. In the new window, go to the General tab and click Set to the current page .

In Microsoft Edge

set about:blank on Edge
  1. Go to Settings and go to Startup .
  2. select Open a specific page .
  3. Click on the three dots in the right corner and select Edit .
  4. Enter about:blank and save your changes.

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When does About:Blank open automatically

Your browser may automatically receive a blank page for the following reasons:

  • If the web address you are looking for is incorrect.
  • When your browser cannot find what you are looking for.
  • When the second page opens automatically during loading, in some cases it may be blank.
  • When the URL is incorrect, it can sometimes lead to opening a malicious website. Malware is also the cause of the blank page. If you suspect any malware, scan it immediately with an antivirus program or let your device rest.

When and how to remove About:Blank from the browser

  • If your browser opens with a blank home page, you can change it in the settings. We have discussed the steps for setting about:blank as your home page. Using the same steps, change the default web page or any web page of your choice as your home page.
  • Are you always interrupted by blank pages in your browser? This can be caused by malware or viruses on your computer and can be fixed by running antivirus software.

Frequently asked Questions

What is Blank Page?‘ about:blank ‘ or ‘ About Blank ‘ is the blank page built into all web browsers. This is a blank screen or placeholder when there is no content to display. This is not malware, but it could be the result of pre-existing malware. ‘ about:blank ‘ is also sometimes used to conserve bandwidth and avoid unnecessary information such as a news landing page.

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What is: empty#blocked?When a page fails to load in a web browser due to security or access restrictions, it ends up on a blank screen with about:blank#blocked in the address bar.


How to set a blank page in Chrome as your homepage?Open Google Chrome browser. Go to Settings . Under Startup , change the option to Open New Tab Page . Enter or type “about:blank” in the text input box below the radio button. Done! When restarting the browser, a blank page is loaded at startup.


Is it safe when your browser opens with a blank page?Yes, it’s safe, oh: a space is not always dangerous. If you haven’t set it up in your browser, or if it appears frequently, you may need to scan your device for malware and viruses.