What Are Esn, Imei, Sim, Msn (Sn), And Pin?

The following descriptions explain the acronyms related to precise identifiers for equipment or devices. These are used for various responsibilities together with swapping your modern tool to any other device or switching carrier with some other active tool.  there is the best information platform daniel patry.                                 

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ESN: Equipment serial quantity; Uniquely identifies the system and is electronically embedded by means of the producer. ESN is in bureaucracy DEC (decimal) and HEX (hexadecimal) shape.


MEID: Mobile Device Identifier; Similar to an ESN; This is a globally precise wide variety for an unmarried piece of cellular equipment.

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You can find the ESN / MEID wide variety within the following two locations:


Turn off the smartphone and remove the battery. The quantity is on the bottom of the smartphone’s battery, to the right of the barcode decal. Then turn the battery back on.

Barcode decal (categorized MEID-DEC) on the top of the unique phone box.

IMEI: International Mobile Equipment Identity; A factory-established specific serial number that identifies each unit or line of service below GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) specifications. It is a 15-digit quantity and is used on non-SIM card-enabled gadgets. Motorola phones have the handiest 14 digits so add the variety 0 on the cease.


SIM: Customer Identification Module; A “Smart” card set up or inserted into a cell tool that incorporates all patron-related facts. It allows telephone calls from any valid mobile device as subscriber facts are used to finish the call as opposed to the smartphone’s internal serial wide variety. The SIM range is 15 digits. Motorola telephones have the most effective 14 digits so add the range 0 on the stop.


MSN: Mobile Serial Number, additionally called Serial Number (SN); is a ten-digit quantity. This is needed for every SIM card-enabled device.


PIN: Personal Identification Number; Identifies the device model and is required whilst swapping or switching BlackBerry gadgets.


You can discover the SIM / IMEI using the following steps:

  1. Remove the battery cover door and dispose of the battery.
  2. If the SIM card is a smartphone, eliminate the SIM card and read the wide variety from the white side of the cardboard.
  3. MSN, if applicable, is a ten-digit quantity on the white label. (3 numbers observed with the aid of three letters accompanied by four numbers).
  4. The IMEI is located on a white decal at the back of the cellphone; Often begins with 31601 or 00.

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In this case, you’ll have to check the ESN yourself. On 99. Ninety nine% of phones, the ESN (or equal) is positioned on the sticky label under the battery. Open the case, pop off the battery and search for the wide variety. On a sealed tool like an iPhone, you can locate the identical quantity within the device menu.


Once you’ve got the numbers, you can get to the lowest of things in one of two approaches. You can name the aid line for the specific service you want to apply the telephone on. This is by far the exceptional way to move about it. It takes longer than the net-primarily based technique we are approximate to reveal to you, however, it gives you direct affirmation that the smartphone will work in the community you want to use it. It is vital that you are precise about who you name. Let’s say, for example, that you have a Sprint-branded smartphone that you need to use on Sprint reseller Ting. Call Ting, no longer Sprint. If the cellphone has formerly been activated as a Ting cellphone, Sprint may have banned the cellphone permanently and could file that its ESN is bad, even though Ting will, fortunately, reactivate it. The same is going for most other most important carriers and their resellers; Major carriers will regularly blacklist used phones with their resellers, however, resellers don’t have any trouble with them.

In the store, you can hand the cellphone over at once to a company consultant and ask them to test if the telephone is clear for use on their network. Suggesting you meet at the store so you can activate the smartphone right away is an exceptional way to cast off scammers right away; If they have an awful phone they won’t need to meet you at the store.