Samsung Blue Screen Of Death Fix

If you own a Samsung Galaxy series smartphone, you won’t find the blue screen of death (BSOD) or a Samsung device stuck on a blue screen and won’t turn off, weird. Check out this topic on the Android forums:

My Samsung Galaxy has a history of freezing. But lately, I’ve experienced the dreaded blue screen of death twice in 24 hours, and I’m starting to wonder if there’s a problem with my phone. Any suggestions?

When a Samsung phone gets a blue screen of death, it may restart after about 60 seconds and experience the same problem again after some time or once a week or a month.

Can you take the help of Samsung screen repair Auckland to fix the blue screen on your Samsung tablet?

Best Guide to Resolve Samsung Blue Screen Problem

One of the following solutions may work when you experience an Android blue screen problem and rescue your device from the Blue Screen of Death.

Step 1: Take Out the Battery

Wait patiently for a while if an Android phone is frozen and unresponsive. If there is still no response, we advise removing the battery from the phone and replacing it.

Your Samsung Galaxy phone’s battery back cover is removable. Allow ten minutes for the phone to calm without the battery. Install the back cover after re-inserting the battery.

Your phone should restart normally to try and fix the Samsung blue screen of death.

This solution is ineffective if you have a new Samsung Galaxy with a non-removable battery. You must test the alternative approaches.

Step 2: Reboot Android to Recover Data from Lost Samsung Blue Screen

It is advised to use cheap samsung screen repair auckland if you don’t want to lose your data while downloading the Samsung galaxy handset blue screen.

On Samsung devices, this software aims to fix 150+ Android system issues, such as Samsung tablet blue screens, Samsung won’t turn on, black screens, etc.

Connect your device to a PC after downloading and installing this software. With a few clicks, problems with Android can be resolved.

  • Step 1 = On the main interface, choose the option “Repair Android System”.
  • Step 2 = Please give and enter your correct smartphone device information.
  • Step 3 = After you enter the device information, this program will begin downloading the necessary firmware file.
  • Step 4 = Follow the onscreen guidelines and wait for the program to repair your mobile correctly. After the system recovery is complete, your device will restart normally.

Step 3: Update the Android Operating system

Try updating Android OS if your Samsung Galaxy mobile has the blue light of death but you can still access the phone’s screen. An outdated OS can occasionally be the cause of blue screen problems.

Go to the System menu in Settings, Advanced, and System Update. Look for fresh updates; if any are available, install them immediately. The System Update option can be found under “About” on the most recent devices.

The Bottom Line

That concludes the three viable solutions to the Samsung Galaxy phone’s black screen of death. If you can’t get into your device’s screen and don’t have a backup, samsung screen repair Auckland Android System Repair is the best way to fix the Android blue screen without losing data.