Package Logging Software: Tips and Advantages

Package logging softwareIn this new digital era, companies have been forced to drastically change their resource management and coordination processes to the point that today most of their documents are prepared electronically. A package logging software is one of the most important after-sales features of successful eCommerce.


Ways to track a shipment


High competition in the e-commerce industry increases the need to add value to the shopping experience. One of the features that impact customer satisfaction most is shipment tracking with the help of package logging software. It provides peace of mind throughout the delivery process, reducing the number of customer service queries and making e-commerce resources even more profitable.


Package Logging Software is increasingly influencing the purchase decision, so lacking it is quite counterproductive for conversion. So how does it work, what real advantages does it offer, and what are its optimization possibilities?


What is logging?


Shipping logging is a tracking number or code shipping companies provide to buyers. In this way, with the help of package logging software, they can know the status and location of shipments, thus generating a sense of transparency and security for both parties. This monitoring normally materializes as a digital portal within the carrier’s website, although, as we will see later, there are much more practical external solutions for eCommerce.


Note that the package logging software is not the only channel capable of offering information on the status of a shipment. Other means, such as sending emails, are not usually as accurate with tracking. At the marketing level, on the other hand, follow-up emails gain more strength, as they can be segmented with some valuable content to the user.


Advantages of using a package logging software 


  • Improve the customer shopping experience
  • Improve conversion and store branding
  • Reduce costs in eCommerce logistics and increase productivity
  • Prevent incidents and delays in the transport of goods
  • Facilitates exchanges, returns, and replacements


Shipment logging and customer satisfaction


When a company offers its clients high-quality service, it shows that it wants a lasting business relationship. And this is not only significant at a reputational level: a loyal customer can return more investment than attracting new users.

Many companies are relocating a huge amount of resources to extend the life of their customers. They know very well that, in the long run, package logging software is a tremendously beneficial practice for their total turnover.


Package logging is closely aligned with this philosophy because who wants to know where the package is to the customer. For eCommerce, it is extremely useful information for logistics, but the bulk of the profitability comes when the shipment tracking has been optimized for the user.


External modules and integrations


If you are looking for a slightly more sophisticated solution, all eCommerce platforms can be extended with plug-ins, add-ons, or special integrations. Here the fan opens a lot because there are monitoring options. The main advantage of integrations is that they have advanced functionalities that basic portals cannot offer. One of the most pleasing to the end customer is the automatic sending of follow-up messages.


Why stick to a package logging software 


Package logging is essential to guarantee the absence of incidents throughout this stage. First, the most common problem is that the buyer is absent during the delivery, and a logging tracking of the shipment will help to balance the times better. And second, because some transport companies rely on local postal operators to make the final delivery, it is necessary to offer the consumer a tracking portal that operates with several transports or delivery companies.


A package logging software offers a truly interesting solution for the buyer, with extra functionalities ranging from communication to real-time tracking of cross-border shipments or digital marketing.


Integrating this type of advanced solution in the range of possibilities of an eCommerce increases customer satisfaction during the purchase process, building loyalty for a long time and maximizing real benefits.