How to send Rakhi to your brother online?

Rakshabandhan is an auspicious festival in the Indian calendar and for some time other countries have also been celebrating it. Especially the Indians who have settled in other countries for whatever reason. Settling in another country is not simple and when you have to celebrate any festival then you have to put in a lot of effort too because sending rakhi to Germany or other countries is not a cakewalk. Even if you are living in other countries then this gets even more difficult for obvious reasons because you will have fewer options for buying rakhis offline because of the limitations of stores in other countries which do not celebrate rakhi.

For that, you will have to go to online mode for buying rakhi and then delivering it. But we all know how difficult it is to send a package to other countries and the changes it involves. This is why in this blog you will understand the easiest steps to follow and tips to keep in mind when you are sending   to your brother who lives overseas.

Search for the best type of Rakhi first
First things first when you are planning on buying a Rakhi and then sending it to your brother it is necessary that you analyze which kind of Rakhi you want to send. In the current times, there are different types of Rakhi that are available in the market. You can choose any of these amazing rakhis but the question is have you decided on the budget, design, and choices or your brother too in this list.

You can find golden rakhi, silver rakhi, kundan rakhi, Dori rakhi and sponge rakhi which are big in size. It should first of all depend on your brother because they will have to wear it. Then you can go for the budget. If you have a high budget then go for classic gold rakhi and if you want to go for a budget-friendly silver rakhi then it is also great. Silver rakhis are also considered shubh and they last for a long time which is why they are in demand.

Choose a seller
When you are purchasing rakhi in India you will find plenty of options as the season comes. There are many sellers and even seasonal shops just for rakhis. But if you love outside India or you can’t manage to go out to buy rakhi then it is totally fine because you have many online stores which sell rakhi at affordable prices. You can decide which kind of Rakhi you want and then sell from the given options.

There is a wide variety when you are purchasing online. One benefit of purchasing online is that you can directly send it to the address where your brother lives. You will be saved from the hassle of packing it and then delivering it. Make sure the vendor you are selecting has flat charges and ensures safe delivery of Rakhi without any obstacles. This step relieves you from so many future problems.

If you are buying and then delivering keep some time in your hand
If you are not going to any online store and purchasing rakhi offline then make sure that you are following the instructions of the delivery office and fill in all the correct details to save yourself from any issue. Check the charges and pack them properly. Keep some extra days in your hands so that if there is any delay from the shipping company the rakhi still delivers on time. Even if you have a rakhi set of 3 then pack it properly.

Final Tips
After you have purchased the rakhi which falls in your budget as well as right as per your brother’s choice doesn’t mean the process is complete. You have to work further by selecting the right seller and vendor with the least charges. Delivering something abroad can be expensive. Also, make sure if you are sending the rakhi yourself without any store or vendors in between to pack it properly so it doesn’t break or fall out of the packet. If you have checked all of these things then you are good to go.