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Golf Course Brokers: Purchase And Sale Of Golf Courses

Are you looking for golf course brokersmergers, and advisorsWhy hire golf course brokers

Well, they are experts in managing the purchase and sale of golf courses since they are well versed in all areas of operation.

Golf course brokers do not offer mere offer intermediation services. They are expert advisors in corporate finance, have a good understanding of buying and selling golf coursesand have extensive knowledge and experience in business consulting and the economic-financial areas.

Guide to buying a golf course

Golf remains one of the popular leisure pastimes in this country. Since the pandemic, there has been a greater interest in this sport. So now is the opportunity time to buy a golf course.

Current business liabilities are not inherited, the due diligence process is faster, and the purchase contract is much smaller.

Buying the golf course through its shares is the other option. This route involves assuming your known liabilities and those that may arise later, potentially after the sale has been completed. The lengthy purchase agreement will have various guarantees and indemnities that the owners must provide. The buyer may want to consider what type of leisure property they would prefer to purchase: a lease-to-own or a stock purchase.

Tips by golf course brokers


The location is, of course, important. If it is not marketed as a tourist destination, accessibility, and the local population will be crucial factors.

Ideally, clients can reach the site within 20 minutes by car. Consider possible seasonal ups and downs and what method of golf course operation would be best suited for the local market, e.g., members-only club or pay and play, at the high end of the market or cheap at the other end.


It will be necessary to understand the financial performance of the company, its business history, and its future potential. Be sure to examine copies of the value of the audited accounts and current management accounts for the last three years.

Compare this information to available golf course bench-marking data to understand your performance. If weaknesses are found, these can be discussed with the seller and the potential for future growth.

On a more positive note, golf is now attracting a broader customer base, increasing the number of female golfers.

Check out Golf courses for sale.

To know the golf courses currently for sale, contact our golf course brokers, who will provide you with the information?

If you are interested in buying a golf course, tell us the characteristics of the golf course you wish to acquire, and we will help you in the search and advise you in the process.

Advisors in the purchase and sale of companies related to the world of golf

We advise on the purchase and sale of companies directly or indirectly related to the world of golf.

Our extensive knowledge of the world of golf and our contacts irremediably position us as key figures in corporate finance consulting for golf businesses.

Golf course developments, supported by high-end hotel resorts, make good maintenance and conservation of golf courses feasible; golf becomes the magnet that attracts investment for development, becoming a perfect pairing. In this note, the main investors explain the fundamentals that led them to choose these destinations to locate the developments where large investments will be made.

Most residential developments with golf on the beach are on the Pacific coast. It is the pioneer zone for a golf course.

Why hire golf course brokers? 

Seeking golf course brokers is a much-needed service designed to bring buyers and sellers of golf courses or golf-related businesses together in one place.

Why invest in golf courses 

Among the priority developments to be consolidated during the next three years, the presence of golf and marinas stands out as part of repositioning to attract high-net-worth tourism and the strong support in road infrastructure, telephony, and water systems, among others. So what are you waiting for? Our golf course brokers are at your disposal.