YouTube Features That Will Help You Get More Subscribers in 2022

YouTube Features That Will Help You Get More Subscribers in 2022

YouTube started operations in 2005 when YouTube was first launched. The founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, created views on youtube to allow users to search for and share video clips on the internet. Karim released the initial video “Me at the Zoo” in April 2005. At the time, it was a primary platform with limited options. Since then, YouTube has become the most popular online video player and boasts 1.7 billion unique monthly users. It is the second most frequented website, only being beaten to the top by its owner Google. In the past seventeen years, YouTube has constantly been adding new functions to help users increase their users and improve the user experience.

It changed significantly in 2005, yet it’s still the same site. YouTube began offering playlists in October 2005 and quickly became a crucial feature for many content creators and users. It was around the same time YouTube added its subscription option.

YouTube continues to improve features and remove some that didn’t perform as well as they had hoped. The channels have been growing in popularity too. Indian music label T-Series is the highest-subscribed YouTube channel, with subscribers reaching 211 million. Unexpectedly, the second-most popular video channel on YouTube can be found on Cocomelon, which is Nursery Rhymes which has 13 million users. PewDiePie was the most popular channel for over 2000 days before losing a battle with T-Series to take the top spot. It is now fourth.

However, most YouTube content creators do exceptionally with fewer subscribers than the top channels. Instead, they depend on the full potential of YouTube’s features and different strategies to increase their number of subscribers and become influential on YouTube. Here are a few methods they have successfully used to achieve growing their business on YouTube.

Other Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers

Create Relevant Playlists That Will Attract Viewers and Encourage Them to Subscribe to Your Channel

Do not underestimate the importance of the playlists you put together on your YouTube channel. Many people find playlists extremely useful and aid viewers in understanding a rational order to watch your videos.

Shared playlists consist of videos that are related to a theme or topic. If a person has finished watching a particular video on your list, YouTube immediately begins playing the following video within the playlist.

As time passes, your YouTube channel may become unwieldy and complex for users to navigate. Additionally, if you don’t have a clear set of playlists, viewers will view your videos in their upload order, which can be a bit difficult and tedious.

Viewers can discover playlists in two areas on your channel. The first is the most recent and active playlists on your home page. Right away, they’ll determine if they are likely of interest to them. In addition, if they’re interested in viewing your old videos, they’ll be able to visit the Playlists tab. This is where they can see all your Created playlists and some other playlists, like the playlists you have shared with others.

Expert in SEO Brian Dean suggests you take a step further with your playlists and create these “Power Playlists.” Instead of arranging your videos by subject matter and outcomes, consider grouping them by results. For example, group all your videos demonstrating how to do a particular task as a playlist. If the job requires multiple steps to accomplish your goal, Create a series of videos that cover each step and create a playlist to guide you through the steps.

For instance, the expert web-based marketing expert Neil Patel has playlists focusing on particular issues in internet marketing which include:

  • Growth Hacking Unlocked – Free Course
  • CRO Unlocked – Free Conversion Rate Optimization Course
  • Email Marketing Unlocked
  • Local SEO Unlocked

Make the Most of Your End Screen

Google offers a unique feature called the end screen for videos. You can use these screens for advertising other videos and directly connect to them. For example, If someone can get to the final screen of your website, you have probably enjoyed the video they recently watched. Therefore, you can enable users to click on another video related to the subject or another that compliments it.

After someone has seen your video clips and has a chance to see your channel. There’s a high possibility that they’ll choose to join your channel. At that point, you can use them to help promote your upcoming videos.

It is possible to create an orderly view of video clips through each end screen, and viewers can jump between videos in a sequence. For more: click here

Set aside the remaining ten seconds to the End Screen. Then use YouTube’s End Screen editor to add the link to your favourite video.

Use a Brand Watermark

You can also add a Brand Watermark to your YouTube videos. If someone clicks on your watermark YouTube will encourage the viewer to sign up for your channel.

It isn’t a good idea to allow your company’s watermark to dominate your video. Therefore, YouTube suggests using a translucent background instead of an uninspiring one. But, there is a counterargument that if your watermark appears too dull, people will not click on it as they won’t see it.

The most frequent usage is to display your company logo on your videos. You’re more likely to get YouTube subscribers by making it appear like a button, which is the entire video. For instance, Brian Dean suggests you make it seem like an actual YouTube Subscribe button so that viewers can easily click it.

There are two different opinions about the ideal time to place your watermark to be displayed in the videos you upload (you can set a time only for your entire channel not each video individually):

From the beginning to here, viewers will see your watermark right from the beginning to the point at which they are finished. This could suggest that your watermark may be visible during the peak selling period and could be distracting.

Between 30 seconds and one minute – this is where you should not distract the viewers from the beginning of your video. However, its sudden appearance midway throughout the footage could be odd to viewers.

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