Vastu Shastra for Clocks: Improve the Home Décor & Flow of Positivity

The ticking of a clock has a particular melody and serves as a continual reminder of how fast time goes by. The importance of wall clocks now might not be as great as it was before cellphones were invented. However, in most houses, clocks still have a peaceful place and a basic ornamental purpose.

Designer wall clocks may add to a home’s grandeur, but it’s always important to adhere to Vastu Shastra rules to keep your home’s good energy and harmony intact.

In Which Direction Should Wall Clocks be Placed?

It might be difficult to choose a location for a wall clock, whether moving into a new house or remodeling your existing one. Vastu Shastra, however, has the solution. To prevent any bad consequences, one should be aware of the proper wall clock orientation as recommended by Vastu. Placing big wall clocks in the Vastu-recommended directions can draw in beneficial energy and make sure your life is free of hindrances.

  1. North: The north is the ideal location for a wall clock since Kubera, the deity of riches and prosperity, rules there. Additionally, this placement will prevent the family’s financial problems from materializing.
  2. East: If positioning the vintage clock in the north direction is not practicable, you can maintain it in the east. A clock on the east wall will bring wealth since Indra, the ruler of the gods, rules over that side of the room.
  3. West: If you can’t locate a good location in one of the other suggested directions, you might also think about placing the clock in the west direction. Varun, the god of rain, rules the west, which represents steadiness in life.
  4. South: You should avoid mounting the stylish wall clock in the south according to Vastu principles. If not, it will negatively affect your family and money. The cause is because Yama, the god of death, rules over this direction, which is not seen to be lucky.

What Are the Vastu Tips for a Clock in the Bedroom?

There are a few considerations when hanging a small clock in the bedroom. It is thought that setting the round clock in the east will have beneficial consequences. As an alternative, you can continue to point it in the north. Make sure the wall clock is positioned on the north or east side if you like to sleep with your head looking to the south. Placement of modern clocks with reflecting glass should be avoided near the bedroom entrance or the bed. The bedroom clock should also be placed distant from the bed.

What Are the Vastu Tips for a Clock in the Living Room?

The majority of family time is spent in the living room of a home. According to Vastu, accessories should be positioned correctly to promote a pleasant energy flow. So, if you’re unsure of where to place a wall clock in your living room, use these guidelines. The north wall of the living room is the best place for a wall clock. Kubera, the Hindu deity of riches, rules over the north. As a result, this living room clock position is lucky. Alternatives include looking to the east, north-east, and west.

What Are the Vastu Tips for a Clock in the Office?

The north or east is the best direction to hang a wall clock in an office. Career and riches are represented by the north. Therefore, moving the clock in this way will aid in bringing in additional business prospects. Similarly, the east is a symbol of family, career, or education. A unique clock set in this direction will result in higher-quality work.

Which Clock Colors One Must Prefer According to Vastu Shastra?

Whatever location you choose for the wall clock, be sure to choose the appropriate color.

  1. For your home’s wall clocks, choose light hues like light grey, white, cream, parrot green, or sky blue. It is best to stay away from dark colors.
  2. Choose silver, grey, or white colors that work well for the north direction if you plan to hang a large clock on the north wall.
  3. If you’re mounting the wall clock on the east wall, go with wooden or similar colors like dark green or brown.

Other Important Factors to Consider As Per Vastu Shastra:

  1. Your life is symbolized by the clock you are using. Make sure the clock is accurate and in good operating order so that you can tell time.
  2. Make sure the time doesn’t deviate from the real time. The clock time can be changed, if necessary, a few minutes ahead of the real time.
  3. The clock should not have any cracks or be damaged. Keep the clock free of dust and cobwebs by cleaning it frequently. To avoid any harmful effects, it’s equally crucial to fix or throw away broken clocks.
  4. Place the wall clock inside the home, not outside or at the front door. Additionally, it shouldn’t face any of the house’s doors.