Ulta Beauty Review By Comenity Bank

The Ultimate Rewards Credit Card or the Ultimate Rewards Mastercard are two new cards that Ulta Comenity recently introduced. The Mastercard can be utilized anywhere Mastercard is accepted, whereas the credit card can only be used inside the store (it should be called a store card). The two cards have the following characteristics.

Features Displayed by The Cards

20 percent off your initial purchase. No annual fee. Every dollar spent at Ulta Comenity earns you one point.
Additionally, the Mastercard offers 500 Welcome points for spending $500 or even more outside of Ulta Beauty in the first 90 days and 1x points per each $3 spent elsewhere when using it.

The Unattractive Aspect of Beauty: Ulta Credit Cards

I don’t use or buy any makeup. Therefore, everything I’ve said about the Comenity Ultimate Rewards Mastercard could be wrong. However, after looking over the Ulta Mastercard’s perks, I can see that, unless you use it only for cosmetics or other beauty-related purchases, this card is essentially useless.

What You Need To Know About Ulta Credit Card Features

Ulta provides two credit cards: the Ultimate Rewards Mastercard and the Get in Rewards credit card. Let’s quickly cancel the credit card. It can only be used at Beauty stores or online at Ulta.com because it is a store-only card. With this card, you get.

Mastercard Ultimate Rewards Offers

Every dollar spent in Ulta and Comenity shops earns you two points. 20 percent off your initial purchase. The entire number of benefits is indicated here. Starting with 100 points, or $3, you can use them to purchase Ulta merchandise. The points have no other purpose. We’ll get back to redemption value shortly. But let’s start with Ultimate Rewards Mastercard since the benefits are different from one another.

Mastercard with Ultimate Comenity Rewards

The Mastercard is distinct from the credit card in that it can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted as a regular credit card. These benefits come with this Mastercard:

A 20 percent discount on your first purchase. Spending $1 at Beauty stores or on Ulta.com earns you two points. Every 3 dollars spent elsewhere earns you one point. After spending $501 outside of Ulta in the first three months, you’ll receive 500 Welcome Bonus points, which are worth $17.50 in Ulta purchases.

Advantages Of Ulta Credit Cards

This is entirely depending on how frequently you purchase cosmetics. The Mastercard is probably a great choice if it is your go-to store for all of your cosmetic and beauty requirements. The Ultimate Rewards Mastercard is far superior to the credit card if you’re the ultimate Ulta Comenity shopper.

As Mastercard offers 3 points for every dollar spent compared to the two points offered by the credit card. Additionally, it enables you to accrue points for all of your typical daily transactions.

Only Used At Ulta Is The Ultimate Rewards Mastercard

You will accrue rewards more quickly if you use a Mastercard. As a result, I cannot consider using a credit card as a shopper. The Ultimate Rewards Mastercard may only used at Ulta, which is a significant drawback. For daily purchases that are unrelated to beauty, it is not a card that makes a lot of sense.

Other credit cards that provide better cashback opportunities, including the CitiĀ® Double Cash Card – 18-month BT offer or the Capital One Savor, are superior to one point for each and every $3 spent.

I’ll say it again: you must be a perfect Comenity customer, and I’m not being polite with my language.

Only Ulta Items Can Redeem With Ultimate Points

Ultimate points can only used to purchase products at the register. Your points cannot exchanged for cashback that can use for purchases like food or vacation or for anything else. They are limited to using solely to buy products at Ulta Beauty. For those who buy frequently, this is not necessarily a negative thing because using a cash flow credit card to make a purchase at Comenity will result in a higher Ultimate Rewards value than making the same purchase at Ulta.

With the Ultimate Rewards Mastercard, $100 at Ulta

Your Rewards Mastercard, you may get $200 points (worth $6) when you spend $100 at Ulta. A credit card that gives you 2% cash back on purchases, you would get $2 for every $100 spent. With each, and every dollar spent at the business, the gap between the value of Rewards & what you would get from a credit card with a 2 percent payback increases.

Alternative Credit Cards From Ulta For People With Bad Credit

Customers with a poor credit history or no credit history are not eligible for the Comenity credit card. Consider the Capital Platinum credit card if you are one of these customers looking for a credit card.
A Capital Platinum card is one of the best credit cards for people with bad credit, as I regularly mention. There is no yearly fee, and after 5 consecutive on-time payments, the credit limit automatically rises.

How Ulta Creates Credit Scores

Your credit score rises as a result of your on-time payments and raised credit limit because of how credit scores calculated. Capital Platinum does not provide miles, cash-back, and sign-up bonuses, but rewards are not what you need if you’re working to repair or enhance your credit.

What Credit Cards Are the Best?

BT offers 18 months on the Citi Double Cash Card. There are a handful of credit cards that provide a far better return than that of the Ulta Mastercard for purchases made outside of Comenity.


On purchases made at the store, this card offers a maximum Ulta Coupon $10 Off $40 percent back as well as a minimum 3 percent back. The shopping cart method might work for a store card, but I don’t think it will work with this card. for every other acquisition. The ideal credit card to use is one that offers at least 2 percent cash back over all purchases.