Nicotine Free Disposable Vapes vs. Pods

Vaping has a ton of benefits, which is why so many people switch over from smoking. It’s even more beneficial when you take the steps towards nicotine free vapes! But sometimes it’s easier said than done to make the switch. What type of vape do you use? What even is juice or a pod or any of that stuff? If you’re looking to switch over to vaping, you’ve probably looked into the debate of nicotine free disposable vape vs. pod. Here’s how to find out which one is right for you.

Disposable vapes and pods both have their strengths and weaknesses, so it really comes down to your own preferences and needs. A nicotine free disposable vape requires no setup. It comes with a fully charged battery and supply of e-liquid, allowing you to start vaping right away. The downside, of course, is that disposable vapes will eventually run out of juice and they can’t be refilled.

Vape pods, on the other hand, can be used over and over again. They are designed to be recharged and refilled. They require a bit more setup at the beginning, including charging the battery and filling the pod. But this effort can be worth it for people that don’t want to keep buying new vapes. Here’s how to better choose which one is right for you.

Nicotine Free Disposable Vape vs. Pod: Maintenance

A pod vaping system will require more maintenance than a disposable vape. That’s because disposable vapes are tossed quite often while pods are used over and over. You’ll need to perform periodic maintenance here and there, like charging the device, refilling the pod, or replacing parts of the system. This can be a bit overwhelming for people new to vaping. Or you may just not feel like it. If you want something a bit more simple, you’ll probably benefit more from a nicotine free disposable vape.


Another big difference between disposable vapes and pods is the cost. In recent years, disposable vapes have become pretty cost-effective. The vape itself is cheap but it also comes with its own e-liquid so you don’t have to buy more like you would with a pod. But depending on your preferences, pods are still a bit cheaper if they have a good battery life and you don’t go through e-liquid super fast. It’s essentially a one-time purchase, which is more appealing to many.

Environmentally Friendly

As you probably already assumed, disposable vapes are not the best when it comes to the environment. Disposable vapes are made of plastics that make them tough to recycle. They can’t be included with the rest of your trash since they can pollute groundwater. You’ll have to bring your vapes to a recycling facility that knows what to do with lithium-ion batteries. If this sounds a bit tedious to you or you don’t have a recycling facility nearby, you may want to try out a pod instead.


Both disposable vapes and pod systems come in a large variety of flavors when you shop somewhere like Cyclone Pods. You’ll often see the same flavors available for both options, whether you want something fresh like mint or something sweet like raspberry.

In recent years, manufacturers have started creating an abundance of flavors for disposable vapes as they’ve grown in popularity. But in most cases, you’ll see way more flavors available for pods. That’s because there are hundreds of bottled e-liquid flavors to choose from. You can use a different flavor every time you refill your pod.


When it comes to quitting nicotine, you may want to use a vape pod. It’s not recommended to go from smoking to nicotine free immediately, so you want to slowly reduce the amount of nicotine you inhale. Disposable vapes often only come in one nicotine strength so you won’t be able to slowly reduce the amount over time like you could with a vape pod. A refillable device gives you full control.

Nicotine Free Disposable Vape vs. Pod: Which One is Best For Me?

If you have already quit using nicotine and are looking for a nicotine-free option, it’s tough to choose between disposable vapes and vape pods. It honestly comes down to personal preference. Which will fit your specific needs better? Here’s what to consider.

Nicotine Free Disposable Vape


  • Pre-filled with e-liquid
  • Small and compact
  • Recreates cigarette experience
  • Can use right away
  • No maintenance required


  • Can’t be recharged
  • Can’t be refilled
  • Price can add up if you need to keep replacing them
  • Limited flavors
  • Limited nicotine strengths

Nicotine Free Vape Pod


  • Compact design
  • Affordable and reusable
  • Wide selection of flavors
  • More nicotine strength options
  • Can be recharged


  • A bit of a learning curve to use initially
  • Maintenance required
  • Have to keep buying e-juice