Is Salesforce CRM and sales Cloud the same?

There’s often some misconception: Are Salesforce CRM and sales Cloud the same? But there are differences between them. As clients’ needs and expectations change, so do marketing methods, leading to the rise of customer relationship management (CRM) services.

Let’s know the difference between Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Sales Cloud.

What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce delivers cloud-based CRM software. It’s a customer relationship management program that businesses worldwide rely on for assistance and sales.

It helps businesses better connect with partners, customers, and prospects. Using the Salesforce CRM, companies can keep track of what their customers are doing, market to them, and do many other things.

It also enables you to analyze KPIs and data, creating a visual dashboard. You may also have personalized outreach when you use automation.

Features of Salesforce

Customer-Focused Cloud Service

You can increase your online sales with the assistance of this function by providing customers with a streamlined path to purchase. It can successfully convert mobile customers by responding to their distinct shopping behavior and facilitating the quickest and simplest checkout procedure possible through one-touch payments.

Marketing Cloud

The email marketing solution provided by Salesforce is fully automated, and every business can use it. It uses AI to find niches in the market and pinpoint the consumers most likely to buy from you. Using pre-made templates reduces marketing time, giving you more time to focus on making sales.

Team Predictions

Salesforce can estimate how much money will come in from your sales pipeline, allowing you to plan for the future. The “forecast hierarchy” feature enables superiors to modify the projections of their underlings and the underlings to modify the predictions of their managers.


You can use Salesforce for more than just marketing automation. You can automate internal systems and processes using the rules editor in Salesforce.


The AppExchange is the most vital component of Salesforce. It opens up virtually infinite possibilities for the program. You can locate an app that expands on Salesforce’s functionality to help your sales team reach the next level, no matter what those demands may be.

What is Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud engages potential and future customers with sales forecasting, contact, and opportunity management. This technology is essential for generating and monitoring sales across the entire sales cycle to manage customer connections effectively.

Sales Cloud focuses mainly on the sales side of CRM, like how users manage Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities, rather than customer service.

Hence instead of waiting for updates from coworkers, you can keep track of every interaction related to an opportunity. It improves the ability to move customers down the sales funnel and drives higher sales performance.

Also, Sales Cloud frees up time for the sales team to focus on converting leads into opportunities.

Features of Sales Cloud

Dashboards and Reports

Managing your business’s reports and progress in the sales cloud will allow you to see its strengths and weaknesses in minute detail. Using the Sales Cloud, you may have real-time access to your company’s dashboard or data from any device.

Account and Contact Management

The sales cloud helps businesses organize customer and account communications and other administrative tasks.

Lead Management

Sales Cloud allows you to manage your leads better, increase your sales, and appeal to a more specific clientele by keeping tabs on them and adjusting your marketing strategies accordingly.

Synchronization and Sharing of Files

The sales cloud services make sharing and syncing files with colleagues and clients simple and secure. Finding the attachments you need to send, receive, or archive an email is as easy as searching.

Optimization for Mobile Devices

The sales cloud turns your mobile phone into a little office management station, allowing you to view work prospects, handle leads, log calls, check reports, toggle the dashboard, and perform many other tasks.

Approvals for the Workflow Process

Sales Cloud’s intuitive interface makes it easy to create detailed plans for your company’s future without effort. Sales, discounts, costs, and other attributes can all be confirmed automatically.

Is Salesforce CRM and sales Cloud the same?

Salesforce CRM is one of the CRM software that helps keep customers satisfied and expands a company. On the other hand, the Sales Cloud platform is an integral component of the customer relationship management system, which centralizes data about sales prospects, customers, and transactions.

Within its customer relationship management (CRM) suite, Salesforce provides a platform known as Sales Cloud. Sales Cloud is specifically for salespeople. It helps salespeople sell smarter and quicker by centralizing client information, recording their contacts with the organization, and automating many daily operations.


We hope, now the doubt is clear, is Salesforce CRM, and sales Cloud are the same.

Salesforce’s CRM software thrives, keeping operations running smoothly and efficiently with an overwhelming amount of data to collect and analyze is where. And Sales Cloud manages the whole sales funnel, from when a lead clicks on a website link to the conversion that turns them into customers.

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