Affiliate Programs To Register For In 2022


Affiliate marketing has slowly become a mainstay in the digital marketing world. Many brands and companies prefer starting an affiliate programs of their own in order to get leads and generate revenue, while giving a percentage to these affiliate marketing individuals is never seen as a hassle or loss.

Many people nowadays use affiliate marketing as full fledged businesses, rather than side hustles. This in turn has increased the overall standings of different types of companies looking into affiliate marketing

In the beginning, mostly e-commerce stores, would use it. Generating additional sales and income with the help of ‘freelance promoters’. Now many service providers also prefer using this method, knowing there is an untapped audience that would be interested in their specific services, and affiliate marketers could be the ones to help acquire them


In this post, we will look at some of the best affiliate programs out there in terms of earning revenue and overall demand in the market for their specific product/services



Anybody looking to learn a new skill, would certainly know about Udemy. A huge platform, with a plethora of courses, certifications and tutorial videos for anyone to learn. You could be starting high school or planning your retirement, just easily jump on in and start learning a new skill today.

Apart from purchasing paid or even getting free courses, Udemy also started its own affiliate program. Looking at the rise of affiliate marketing, it turned out to be a good decision

Courses purchased on Udemy via Affiliates account to up to 35% of the total courses sold on the website in a year. As a contributor to the website, you can also earn a bit extra as marketing your own courses on other platforms, earning extra earnings along the way

The earning scale varies and depends on the course worth set by both the contributor and the website. Each successful registration in a course could help you earn %15 of the total cost of the course.

This sounds really good, but also be aware, Udemy has a lot of sales, to help people purchase more easily and frequently. So a course worth $100 does not assure $15 per purchase. Remember discounts do come from time to time!

Learn about the Udemy Affiliate program here


A managed cloud web hosting service provider, Cloudways has come leaps and bounds since initially it started its business. Ranked amongst the best in managed webs hosting service providers, up there with the likes of WPengine and Kinsta. Cloudways affiliate program is what really helps it make it on this list

Their affiliate program has to distinct models namely Slab and Hybrid.

Slab structure is your standard, commission per each sale starting at $50 but the slab itself is divided which can result in you earning up to $2500/month easily

The second is more to my liking and that is the Hybrid. Here you don’t earn per sale but rather how long user registered with your affiliate links or ‘efforts’ are using the service. You get paid a small fraction per month and each month the amount grows. Consider this structure more of a long term investment rather than a one and done deal

Check out the web hosting affiliate program and how it can help you earn good profits


The biggest platform for freelancers to earn side-revenue or even startup their own businesses, Fiverr has a huge audience for those looking to hire a freelancer. Apart from their huge audience and pull in the market, the affiliate program shows many businesses know it is a great aspect to earn extra.

The affiliate program launched by Fiverr is simple, you just have to drive potential traffic on one of their many different platforms

  1. Fiverr
  2. Fiverr Business
  3. Fiverr Logo Maker
  4. Fiverr Affiliates
  5. Fiverr Learn
  6. Fiverr Workspace


Driving traffic is the idea, and if users purchase a gig, course or agent service, affiliates will be able to get commissions for each sale driven through their efforts. Their is no exact amount, but new affiliates can easily earn up to $150 without much hassle


One of the most in demand tool used in the digital marketing world, SemRush has gained a huge fanbase throughout the years and always in the debate amongst many digital marketers or SEO’s to be specific, whether Ahrefs is better or SemRush is the ideal tool.

Avoiding the debate, we will focus on the affiliate program on offer by SemRush. Already bolstering users in millions, SemRush for marketing is quite easy and pretty good in terms of affiliate programs. Digital marketers are the main primary audience, so for them targeting the audience and overseeing the right methods to grab them, is relatively easy

With an already established brand, SemRush stands out as an easy affiliate product , earning a good profit along with it.

Earning Scales:

    • You can earn $0.01 when someone uses your referral URL to register on their website
    • If referral activates the account, you can earn $10 per activation
    • When they purchase any paid subscription, you make $200



There are many more out that may not have made the list here, but are still worth to have a look at. These affiliate programs mentioned are compiled with research and personal experience. It is however, up to you, check them out and see if they are the right fit for you.