5 Best Living Room Tile Ideas & Designs

Looking for some amazing tile ideas for your living room? Want to spend quality time with the family and peers at the end of their day?

A good interior can make the evening really peaceful. And everyone wishes for a spacious living room and a sober and soothing interior design.

However, tile selection for a living room requires a proper selection of colors according to the interior, the ambiance, and resilience. This article will suggest some living room tiles design ideas for your living room.

5 Living room tile ideas and designs you can apply

Follow the below designs and tiling ideas to decorate your dream living room.

Get a cozy look with porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are found to be the best among all the tiles that are chosen for living rooms. These tiles are slip-resistant, strong, and tough. Also, they are water-proof. This added benefit makes them better for outdoor or poolside areas.

Besides, these tiles are quite easy to maintain. Water wipes would be enough to keep them clean.

On top of that, the material looks are the best part of porcelain tiles. The high-quality mechanisms help it to have a luxurious look. It comes with a diverse option for designs and looks that make it look so spectacular.

Use ceramic tiles for versatile designs

Ceramic tiles have a solid surface. Because of that, it does not make dirt or pollens cannot stick on it. It makes them easier to wipe and clean. These kinds of tiles can be designed as the wish of the users.

You can print or stamp in different ways and bring a design of wood or hard stone or hardwoods. Even you can be cut and brought into various shapes like triangles or rectangles.

However, this tile design is quite standard in the Mediterranean or Southwest-style houses. Hence, the materials of these tiles can be unsuitable for the areas people need to stand for a long time.

Give a natural look with wood-look tiles

Wood-look tile will provide a traditional look on your household floors. These tiles have great durability and resistance from scratches. So your pets or kids will no longer leave any noticeable scratches or stains on these. These tiles are also safe for the environment and come in many patterns.

The rich and grainy effect on the tile channels makes it much more desirable. The shiny palettes give such a rich atmosphere perfect for living rooms.

Whether for the Farmhouse or modern living home, a wood that looks like tile can match your desired aesthetic finish.

Install vinyl tiles for high durability

Vinyl tiles are a form of PVC or polyvinyl chloride plastic. It is one of the most adaptable tiles on the market.

These tiles can create a reflection of natural materials and are water-proof. With a natural finish, you can create a good characteristic of paint, elasticity, firmness, and shine.

Two familiar types of vinyl flooring are self-adhesive tiles and sheet vinyl in rolls. Though they are quite similar in cases like cleaning, materials, and finishes, their different longevity makes them further in their performances.

However, these tiles are usually used in rental apartments, so they can be easily eradicated without causing any floor problems.

Create a natural matt finish with granite tile

Granite tile is hypoallergenic. It decreases the chances of suffering from health issues like cold, fever, and seasonal flu. So you can consider installing them if you have similar health issues.

Though these are a little bit difficult to install, taking care of these is quite a cup of tea. Using just one color of these tiles would lighten the entire living room with a fresh and modern vibe.

The natural color palette and designs would anyhow make it look unique. Especially the sparkling quartz gives it a dazzling charm with a trendsetter personality.

Besides that, it will keep the heat away and the ambiance cool, which is very much needed in scorching summer weather. Moreover, the kids will find the best place on the refreshing floor to play and rest.


Different tiles have another way of their especially. Where the porcelain and ceramic tiles provide sophistication, the wood-like tiles provide aesthetic vibes. Again, the granite ones offer comfort. Different characteristics of different tiles make them unique, allowing the house owners to choose the best tile of their criteria. So choose according to your taste and purposes you need to serve in your house or apartments near Fort Wayne.

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