10 Best Exercises You Can Do On Your Sofa if You’re Lazy

Some people might say, “I don’t exercise,” and you feel as if they’re bragging but it’s not something to boast about if it’s the truth. 


The likelihood of us getting off the couch to do it should be considered realistically. In this post, we’ll explore several practical exercises you can perform while watching TV from your couch. Many workouts can be performed while lying on the couch. The majority don’t even need props.


They are excellent for those with poor strength and fitness levels or for those who haven’t exercised in a while. Even pyjama pants can be worn for them. These workouts might not completely improve your physical well-being or attractiveness, but they’re a terrific place to start.


You can gradually increase the quantity and duration of each activity you perform each week. Start with as many repetitions as you find comfortable. If you hate going outside or you don’t have any gym equipment, then this is for you!


1. Incline push-ups

Photo by Fitness in the Kitchen


Push-ups on your couch are simpler than regular push-ups. Your pectoral (chest) muscles are mostly worked by them.


How to execute it: With your back facing the sofa, stand with your legs straight behind you and your hand’s shoulder width or slightly wider.


Straighten your arms while bending your elbows to slightly incline your chest toward the couch. Pull yourself back up and straighten your arms once again.


2. Hollow hold 


In a hollow hold, we want to avoid extension as we move the arms and legs out from the centre and keep the distance between the lower ribs and hips constant.


This will be tougher the straighter and farther your legs are from your torso, so find a posture that is comfortable for you and test your endurance for how long you can maintain it.


3. Triceps dips (arms, shoulders, chest, core)

Photo by Youtube


Position your body on the edge of the sofa with your hands shoulder-width apart, your arms straight, your knees bent at a 90-degree angle, and your feet flat on the floor.


Maintaining a close angle to the sofa with your back, slowly bend your elbows and drop your upper body toward the floor until your arms are at a 90-degree angle. After that, steadily raise yourself to your starting posture. Avoid engaging your glutes (buttocks) throughout the action; instead, concentrate on using the strength in the back of your arms.


Legs should be extended straight in front of you rather than bent at the knees to make triceps dips more difficult.


4. Squats


Squats are essentially sitting down and getting up from the sofa. They exercise your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.


Here’s how to do it correctly:


Just in front of the couch or seat, stand with your shoulders shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself as if you are going to sit while maintaining the straightest possible back and arms stretched out in front of you. Before your butt meets the couch, stand back up. Then sit deep into the couch and rock forward to sit up for a “mini ab crunch.”


5. Bicep curls


This workout targets the biceps. For this one, you’ll need some “weights.” Although one-litre bottles are preferable, you can start out with food cans.


How to do this? Sit on the edge of the couch so that your arms can hang freely below you. To begin, place your hands in front of the couch with your palms facing upward. Start by placing the “weights” next to the sides of your legs, holding them there with your arms completely extended, elbows slightly bent, and palms upward. Make sure you fully curl your arms up to your shoulders while bending your elbows. Back off a bit.


6. Lateral leg raises (thighs, hips, legs)

Photo by ABC

On a couch or the floor, lie on your side with your top leg straight and your bottom leg bent at the knee. Leading with the heel, slowly elevate your leg as high as you can, then slowly bring it back down. On the other side, repeat.


7. Arm raises


Arm raises, also known as lateral raises, exercise your shoulders’ deltoids. Again, you’ll require your “weights” for these.


How do you do it? With your elbows slightly bent and your arms parallel to the floor, steadily raise the weights out to the sides while maintaining a straight back. Lower yourself once again.


8. Seated scissors

Photo by Point of Blue Blog


Your thighs, abs, and hip flexors will benefit from seated scissors. These seem absurd, but they’re worth it!


You don’t need to spread your legs out as far as you can. Move to the front of the couch and attempt to sit as straight as you can to begin.


Put your hands behind your head or beneath the front of your butt. Keep your legs straight and cross them back and forth while keeping them above the floor. With each cross, reverse which leg is on top.


It will be harder the higher you lift your legs off the ground.


9. Leg bridge (glutes, back, core, legs)


With your feet flat and about hip distance apart, lie on your back on a sofa or the ground. Pull your buttocks up off the couch by tensing them. Maintain a straight line from your knees to your shoulders while keeping your hips up. Hold. After that, rise and lower in brief “pulses,” pushing up hard after each movement.


10. Clam shell 


On a couch or the floor, lie on your side with your legs joined and your knees bent. Raise your top leg as high as you can while keeping your feet together and your knees bent, then lower it back down. the other side, repeat.