Choose the Best Platform Beds with Storage in Canada

Buying a Platform Storage Bed is a great way in making the most of the space in your room, thereby giving you a place to hurl clothes, essentials, and more inside or beneath your bed frame.

Do you live in Canada, have a small space, and are looking for a bed that can fit your needs practically and aesthetically? Then buy platform bed with storage online.

Dig in to know why you should choose a platform bed over your other everyday alternatives.

Why Should You Buy a Platform Bed with Storage

You really don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for practicality when looking for the right bedding. If you’re thinking of looking to buy platform bed with storage in Canada, consider getting one with a streamlined and practical surface.

A platform storage bed has tons of features that can accommodate your tastes. And you’ll certainly be able to find one that suits the size of your room and your tastes.

Features of a Storage Bed

The best storage beds feature are spacious compartments that are easy to access, with tons of styles to select from, they’ll instantly upgrade your decor, so they’re both stylish and functional.

#1. Shelves and Drawers

The best Platform Beds with storage have drawers and shelves. One of the more common designs is shelves built with headboards or mattresses with inbuilt easy-to-pull drawers.

You can access the drawers for essentials like underwear or swimming gear. The size of the drawer will depend on the size of the platform bed.

These beds include platforms beneath the bed for more items. When selecting a storage bed, there are a few primary styles available. The most common options are shelves built into the headboard or drawers built into the frame below the mattress.

These provide ease of access, but if you’re storing items you don’t need to get there very often, you can actually opt for a spacious platform beneath the bed that can be accessed when you raise up the mattress.

#2. Storage Beds with Built-In Storage Ottomans

Thought just platform beds alone were the in thing? Imagine that with a stylish built-in ottoman, and the fun just got upper to the power of ten.

Not only are these ottomans really stylish, but they make a charming sitting area on your bed frame. Even if you do not get a platform bed with an ottoman attached, you can still get one equipped with storage bins for a truly spacious bed.

Depending on your budget and the space, choosing a platform bed is a worthy investment, and don’t overthink about style.

A modern platform bed with storage comes in classic designs of wood frames, polished headboards, and easy-to-pull drawers. Beyond just storage, it’s as practical as it is aesthetic.

Storage Beds: Which One Should I Buy?

When it comes to finding the perfect platform storage bed for you in Canada, there are a few essential things that you need to consider.

Knowing the correct answer will help you make the right choice. They are:

#1. Space of The Room

The right storage bed for you depends on how much space you have in your room.

If you have a smaller bedroom, a classic example of a storage bed perfect for you is an ottoman that opens upwards and leaves no room for too much clutter.

#2. Your Luggage

Thinking of the things to store will affect getting a storage bed which will be a wise idea. As many storage beds have weight restrictions, it’s wise to check how much they can carry.

No one wants clutter around a room, even with a storage bed. Choose the right platform, Storage bee, that can help with that

#3. Importance of Items

Buying the right storage bed with the right space limit would depend highly on what exactly you want to store and how often or always you need to access them.

For daily items, consider a storage bed with drawers.

For monthly or seasonal items, an ottoman will be a perfect choice for a platform storage bed.

This is because of its upwards easy lift top design that makes access really easy. Considering how often you need these times will come in handy in the long run.


Platform beds are the best for a Canadian in a small apartment.

With a closet, just a foot wide and a few seasonal clothes and luggage, your bed with its storage underneath can house any other thing and be a tiny part of your tiny apartment.

Buy a storage bed today and make your life easy and nice.