Billie Eilish Drama – Is Kim Kardashian Sidelined With Billie Eilish?

You may be wondering if Kim Kardashian is siding with Billie Eilish over her alleged rift with Cardi B. It appears she is, at least in some quarters. If so, the rumors surrounding the two are probably not true. Here is some insight into the recent Billie Eilish drama. Fans are quick to point out that Kardashian has a history of siding with young stars.

Billie Eilish’s relationship with Matthew Tyler Vorce

After months of rumors and speculations, Matthew Tyler Vorce has confirmed his breakup with Billie Eilish. In an Instagram post, the singer addressed the negative rumors about their relationship. He called out one publication that said Billie was “too good” for him. The pair had been dating for over a year before their relationship ended. In April of this year, they were spotted having coffee in Santa Barbara, California.

While it is unclear how the two met, there are several theories pointing to a possible connection. Billie Eilish is a singer-songwriter and Matthew Tyler Vorce is an actor and writer. The pair began dating in the first quarter of last year and remained private until April of this year. They were recently photographed cuddling on a coffee run. Matthew is more than 10 years older than Billie, but it is hard to draw conclusions from such a short amount of time.

While the two have been close for years, the rumors of their relationship are a bit premature. Despite Billie’s public statements, Matthew Tyler Vorce has a bad track record in Hollywood. He has been accused of posting racist and homophobic comments. Fans thought she was taking a break from serious relationships. However, the two started going on coffee dates and were photographed cuddling. However, neither actor has confirmed their relationship.

Fans Of Billie:

Fans of Billie Eilish are unsure whether their favorite singer is dating Matthew Tyler Vorce. The former has a history of making controversial statements that made it difficult for fans to be certain about their relationship. Fans of Billie Eilish were cautious to trust Matthew Tyler Vorce because of the “scandalous” statements made by both. In May 2021, both Billie Eilish and Matthew attended a party for Doja Cat, where the two appeared in matching red onesies.

Although Billie Eilish has not spoken publicly about the breakup, Matthew Tyler Vorce has responded to the rumors on social media. He also apologized for previous comments on his social media accounts that were deemed offensive. In an effort to calm the fans’ fears, he shared a letter with Billie Eilish’s fans apologizing for his racist statements.

While there are no public statements from Billie Eilish regarding her relationship with Matthew Tyler Vorce, both stars have been secretly dating for more than a year. The two were photographed together in October 2021 in Santa Barbara, California. Partygoers described them as “inseparable.”

Rumors of a rift between her and Cardi B

There are rumors of a beef between Billie Eilish and Cardy B, but there is no evidence to support the claims. The two recently attended the Met Gala together, where they were seen mouthing the words, “so weird,” to one another. While this may be a misunderstanding, it is unlikely that the two were actually throwing shade at one another.

During the Met Gala after-party, Cardi B and Grammy winner Billie Eilish were in attendance. The two made an impressive entrance, but rumors suggested that something had gone wrong. Billie reportedly mouthed the word, “So weird” to Cardi during a speech. The rapper responded by posting the video on Twitter. The video went viral.

The beef between Billie Eilish and her collaborator Cardi B has been blown out of proportion. According to reports, the two artists have exchanged private voice messages, and the Internet has assumed that there is a beef between them. The two artists even encouraged the attendees of the after party to take cocaine. Then, Cardi responded to a fan on Twitter with a voice note. The two women appear to be trying to divide each other, but it is unclear if the beef is real or not.

At Met Gala:

Although the Met Gala is known for its drama, there is no such event without some drama, and the latest rumours surround the rift between the two artists. Cardi B, who wore a Versace dress, even shared audio notes with Billie Eilish, and they even held a playboy together at The Standard. This was all in good fun, but rumours of a feud between Billie Eilish and Cardi B are far from real.

After the rift between Cardi B and Billie Eilish, Billie has clarified the rumors, pointing out that the singer had previously called Cardi B “weird.” According to reports, the video was captured during a Met Gala afterparty. A video of Cardi B in a gold dress performing in front of a crowd shows the singer holding her nose with a finger. In fact, the clip had no context, and the two women have since cleared the rumors on social media.

Several Twitter users were quick to make accusations of a rift between the two artists, but it did not seem to matter. During a recent chat with fans, Cardi B revealed a voice message exchange in which she asked fans to “stop turning every party into a drama.” She also compared Billie Eilish’s song “Ocean Eyes” to her daughter, and called her daughter “Billie Eilish.”

Cardi’s reaction to rumors of a rift between her and Billie Eilish

Rumors of a beef between Cardi B and Billie Eilish have erupted since both artists attended the Met Gala, where Cardi B and Eilish were photographed together. In one of the photos, Billie Eilish is seen saying, “That is so weird. Cardi B is weird,” while Eilish mouths “That’s so weird.”

Whether or not this is true, it was not clear from the public response. Cardi B, who was present at the Met Gala, responded to rumors by tweeting that Eilish referred to her as “so weird.” The two also left a voicemail addressing the rumor. Perhaps the two artists should collaborate on a song about their fake feud and call it “YAP.”

Although the two rappers are friends, the relationship between them is far from perfect. Both women have a lot of things going for them and are equally as passionate about their careers. Cardi B tries to stay out of trouble and avoid drama wherever possible.  Nevertheless, rumors of a rift between Billie Eilish and Cardi B have fueled rumors on both sides.

Cardi B:

The rift between the two musicians has caused the media to gleefully pounce on Cardi B’s physical altercation with Nicki Minaj during New York Fashion Week. Minaj and Cardi B’s fight led to the former twerking with Minaj. After the incident, Minaj tweeted that the photos of Cardi B and Eilish were photoshopped, which sparked controversy and retaliation.

The rift between the two stars was evident in the videos that circulated following the twerking controversy. A fan of Cardi B claimed that the two women had a fight after she hit him with a microphone. The fans then went viral on Twitter, claiming the fans were just jealous.