Best Apps to Watch Chinese Movies and Shows on Your Mobile Device

Several free apps allow you to watch Chinese movies and shows on your mobile device. We’ll talk about ifvod, Vidfish, Youku, and iQiy. These apps can be accessed through your browser or a mobile app. Each app allows you to watch movies and TV shows in Chinese with subtitles.


If you’re looking for an app that lets you watch Chinese movies and dramas on your mobile device, Vidfish is the way to go. It has thousands of episodes of various Chinese shows and dramas and is completely free to download. The best part is, you can watch them anywhere you can connect to the Internet. Download Vidfish – Chinese Movies and Dramas in HD for free from the Google Play Store or official app store today!

Vidfish offers thousands of hours of Chinese TV dramas, movies, and various variety shows. The interface is sleek, and the page layout is easy to navigate. In addition to Chinese movies, the app has subtitles in English, Bahasa Indonesian, and many other languages. There’s an endless variety of choices! If you’d like to download Vidfish – Watch Chinese Movies and Dramas, just search the App Store or Play Store for the latest version.


If you are looking for a Chinese movie or show that you can watch on your mobile device, then IFVOD is the best choice. It has over 50 million registered users and is supported by Android, iOS, and PC. IFVOD also offers hundreds of hours of free entertainment. You will need an Android device and an operating system with at least 2.3.

Ifvod offers the largest selection of Chinese movies and TV shows and has a variety of options for you to choose from. Whether you want to watch a cartoon or a full-length drama, Ifvod will satisfy your appetite for Chinese entertainment. In addition to the large collection of content, it’s easy to find new episodes, as new content is added to the database regularly.


Youku launched in 2006, but it quickly realized that user-generated content would never be successful in China. The company was launched too early in the massive video-sharing craze, and it ran into problems with bandwidth, technical issues, and the mindset of Chinese internet users. It quickly changed strategy, switching from user-generated content to popular TV dramas, which viewers in China preferred watching online. The app’s strategy was explained by Will Tao, analysis director at iResearch.

Youku is an excellent choice for people who are curious about Chinese culture but aren’t quite fluent in Mandarin. Many shows and movies are available in English with Chinese subtitles, making it easy to follow along. Intermediate and advanced users will benefit the most from Youku. Among the movies available on Youku are Wu Dong Gan Kun Zhi Bing Xin Zai Yu Hu, a martial arts movie based on “Martial Universe” (the movie is also subtitled in Chinese). Another popular movie on Youku is Hui Dao Ming Zhao Dang Wang Ye Zhi Yang Ling Chuan, a play adapted from a traditional Chinese performance.


If you’re looking for a good app for watching Chinese movies and TV shows on your mobile device, try iQiy. This Chinese streaming service has 500 million monthly active users. You can get free content, subscribe to a VIP plan, and get extra features, including skipping ads and Dolby Audio. In addition, VIP members can watch new episodes before others. Other benefits of this app include multilingual support, which means you can watch Chinese movies in your preferred language. You can also use it on multiple devices, including your TV and computer.

iQiy’s user interface is easy to use, even for Chinese speakers. It uses simple software and easy-to-understand interfaces to let you download content in a variety of definitions. The app also tells you how much space is needed to download different content. It also has Chinese subtitles to make it easier for you to understand the dialogue.


If you are looking for an easy way to watch Chinese movies and TV shows on your mobile device, you should download the IFVOD TV app. This free app provides a huge library of Chinese movies and TV shows. Many of these titles are subtitled in English, so you’ll have no problem understanding what you’re watching. You can subscribe for a daily pass or download content at your leisure.

Viki is another great app for streaming Asian dramas. It has subtitles in over 200 languages and offers high-quality video. This app is fast and reliable, with English, Japanese, and Korean subtitles. Users can choose from various genres and languages and sort by subtitle language and release schedule. Viki also allows users to rate and review shows. It is easy to see why Viki is one of the best apps for watching Chinese movies and TV shows on your mobile device.