What Is the Value of CompTIA Pentest+ Certification?

CompTIA Pentest+ Certification is a penetration testing exam that is vendor-independent. While not as well-known as the CEH or the OSCP, PenTest+ is an excellent certification for any IT professional interested in security or seasoned security specialists looking to validate their knowledge.

Your career goals and experience will determine if you believe the PenTest+ is worth the time, effort, and money. PenTest+ is an excellent certification for anyone interested in becoming a penetration tester. It is a perfect entry-level vulnerability scanning certification that is less difficult to obtain than other Pen testing certificates such as the OSCP.

What is the CompTIA PenTest+ all about?

CompTIA PenTest+ is a relatively new CompTIA Pentest+ Certification designed specifically for the cybersecurity penetration testing sector. The PenTest+, according to CompTIA, is intended to cover all aspects and procedures of a thorough penetration test, such as planning, scoping, and monitoring.

The PenTest+ exam is considered more complicated than the CompTIA Security+ exam. It follows Security+ in the recommended track of certifications, including the CySA+, which is equivalent but focuses on a cybersecurity analyst’s defensive position rather than an offensive approach taken by a penetration tester. Both the PenTest+ and CySA+ are considered requirements for the more advanced CompTIA CASP+.

Who Should Consider the CompTIA PenTest+?

CompTIA’s PenTest+ is intended for security researchers and those involved in defensive cybersecurity, such as information security operations or vulnerability analysis. This can refer to various jobs, although it most commonly refers to intermediate or higher level security positions.

Should You Consider The CompTIA PenTest+?

If you are in one of the following situations, you should probably think about the PenTest+:

  • You’re interested in penetration testing and need to renew your Security+ and Network+ credentials.
  • Work in defensive cybersecurity and think you have to learn more about the adversary’s security strategy.
  • You are a junior or aspiring penetration tester who can use the CompTIA PenTest+ to access new opportunities. Furthermore, you no longer have the knowledge required to sit for more advanced Pen-testing certifications like the OSCP.
  • You’re an experienced penetration tester who can ace the PenTest+ with minimal preparation.

What degree of preparation is required to take the CompTIA PenTest+?

To take the PenTest+ test, CompTIA does not require any prior knowledge or qualifications. However, they recommend that all test takers have CompTIA certification training in Security+ or comparable skills, as well as 3 to 4 years of data security experience.

What is the cost of the CompTIA PenTest+?

CompTIA PenTest+ is now $349. However, other tariffs and discount coupons from CompTIA or other training schools are frequently available. Packages, which include exam Repetition and Training, are also available in many cases.

Is it worth taking the PenTest+?

It is contingent. What you want to do with the PenTest+ certification determines its worth on your CV. The PenTest+ is well worth the money if you want to confirm your existing Pen Testing abilities or learn new ones.

Using PenTest+ to Learn Pen Testing

One of the best ways to learn Penetration Testing is to focus on obtaining the PenTest+ CompTIA certification course. If you have prior technical knowledge, this will be much more beneficial.

PenTest+ applies your existing knowledge to security, particularly offensive guard. It also necessitates minimal time and financial investment. The PenTest+ will teach you how and where to enumerate targets, carry out attacks, and document your results, which are crucial in your security job.

PenTest+ Skills Validation

Penetration testers, like many other IT workers, are occasionally placed without formal training or education. You could also be a fan of white hats. There are various alternatives. Converting such talents into a new career, on the other hand, typically demands qualifications such as the PenTest+.

Unfortunately, if you lack official experience or qualifications, you may be unable to pass the HR screening. In contrast, the PenTest+ lets you certify your offensive security talents in an industry-accepted manner. As a result, if you have the opportunity, the PenTest+ is unquestionably worthwhile.


Consider taking the CompTIA Pentest+ to renew your Security+ certification. PenTest+ may be the best entry-level certification option for aspiring penetration testers, so consider it if you’re interested in a career in that industry. Keep in mind that the PenTest+ is more complicated than the Security+, so plan appropriately.