Time Is Cash However Cash Cannot Buy Time

“This broken water heater is going to set us lower back. If it prices $2,000 to replace, it truly is a further two weeks of payment for our student loans.” Please inform me I am no longer the handiest one to assume so. For some time, my financial mindset revolved around our largest economic intention: paying off our refinancing pupil loans. Time is cash, and I did not have time for the fees that slowed our financial development.


However, it is crucial to recognize that cash is a method to stop. It is not the lead to itself.


This is a commonplace concept that many people struggle with in therapy, especially if you work in non-public exercise or you figure in a shift work distinctiveness.

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Time Is Money

The first character to use the word “time is money” became Benjamin Franklin in his ebook “Advice to a Young Tradesman, Written via an Old One”.


The original quote is truly the following:


Remember that point is money. He who can earn ten shillings an afternoon through his labor, and goes abroad, or sits vacant for half of that day, spends but sixpence all through his diversion or idleness, now not conceding best expenditure. Ought to; He has simply spent or thrown away five shillings in addition. ~Benjamin Franklin


The factor Benjamin Franklin becomes seeking to make is that each second you do not work, it will cost you money. Of course, this is only true if there is a job that will pay you at a time that chooses now not to work.

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Shift work and related troubles

For the people who work shifts, this idea hits near home. For example, I know that if I get unwell and can not go to paintings, I will have to pay for my shift. As a medical doctor who makes plenty of cash, getting sick has to grow to be expensive!


Or what approximately that weeknight holiday do you want to take to the seaside? That week, to me, is five days’ really worth of labor. So, that beach experience expenses extra than just renting a residence, buying gas to drive a vehicle, and meals prices.


Not doing these paintings also misses the possible price. Most of the time our beach journeys price more than double what we paid for.


Speaking of holidays, I realize that many private exercise companies require human beings to take a day off for others to pay. All this prices money.


Cash is a method to a stop

As we remember all of our decisions and the opportunity value involved, I want to inspire you to assume in another way than Benjamin Franklin.

What is the purpose of cash? Many folks work for money to buy something else. Not that we cherish the feeling of cotton (or plastic) in our wallets.

We use the money on college tiers, weddings, holidays, and necessities (food, water, housing, and so forth.). All of these things have an intrinsic value. Your time also has a sure fee.

The point is that you may be working your entire existence to earn cash just to discover that you have lost all life possibilities to spend time with family and friends. Money isn’t always the top of all, be all.

Trust me after I say that nobody wants them on their deathbed to have worked greater, made the extra cash, or spent extra time with their circle of relatives.

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How Can We Make Choices About Timing?

This begs an essential question. How do we decide whether to say sure or no to something? Remember, it is not all about Benjamin (I think Benjamin got it wrong two times).

For me, it has to do with being treasured. In my mind, this indicates being valued with cash (being overpaid), time (off), or popularity.

If I can not locate any of these three matters, any hazard I’m considering is not normally worth taking far away from my circle of relatives or pursuits for me.

Enter my hell yes policy here, wherein I say no to the entirety, except it’s something that makes me say, “Hell yes!” Anything that doesn’t meet that criteria, along with greater painting shifts, is not well worth my time.

Take Home: Time Is Money

When you’re identifying whether or not or no longer to select up that greater shift, remember why you are seeking to make cash inside the first location. Or, if you’re thinking about the possible cost of lacking work for a holiday, keep in mind to get the cash first. It is just a useful resource.

Time is cash, however, money can’t purchase time. Time is treasured. And you only get a lot in this life. So use it accurately and spend it accurately.

Do you have a shift paintings mindset? Do you’re making up for lost money whilst you do not choose up a shift (or pass over one)? How do you view money and time? Leave a remark below.