Wednesday, March 22

Ten Reasons to Consider Kentico as Your next CMS

Selecting a new web platform is never simple. If you are in the process of choosing a web technology for your organization, continue reading to see why we endorse and collaborate with the Kentico platform. Kentico is a flexible web content management system (CMS) that can create feature-rich commercial websites, eCommerce storefronts, and intranets. For development, Kentico CMS employs ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server via its Portal Engine, Visual Studio, or Microsoft MVC. Compatible with Microsoft Azure is Kentico. 

Continue reading to learn more about this flexible platform. 

The following are ten reasons why Kentico is our preferred CMS. 

Simplicity of Use 

The best-designed website is of little use if your business cannot utilize it. Kentico CMS is one of the simplest CMS systems to use out of the box. Anyone who has used the Internet has the skills necessary to add and update pages, add dynamic content, and construct feature-rich websites that are visually attractive. The administrative system of Kentico includes several hints and explanations to help users through practically every task. In addition to step-by-step guidelines and tutorials, Kentico provides videos, blogs, and forums on its website. Allowing users to make changes and update the system easily helps businesses function more successfully and efficiently. 


The Kentico Administration website contains two distinct sections. CMS Site Manager (used for site configuration and development) and CMS Desk (used to update content and data). The CMS Desk is fully customizable, allowing administrators to personalize each user’s experience. Website “Editors” can be given access to only the content they require using the “content” tab. Through “My Desk,” website “Managers” may rapidly access papers needing their approval. This form of personalization reduces security concerns and enables users to rapidly change just the stuff for which they are accountable. Less administration means more time spent updating content and fewer hours lost configuring software. 

Content Display 

Repeatedly migrating changes from one platform to the other is one of the obstacles associated with upgrading website content. Typically, firms have distinct environments for staging (QA) and production (live) content. With Kentico, it is simple to publish data from one environment to another by utilizing “content staging.” Users may transfer material between platforms and instantly synchronize all environments with only a few clicks. Using “Scheduled Tasks,” this procedure may be completed daily or hourly to enhance productivity even more. This reduces administrative time and makes it simple for businesses to design a streamlined approach for upgrades and deployments. 


Kentico’s workflows provide material movement through a series of predefined phases. These phases are readily developed and set inside the Kentico system and can be applied swiftly to any information. A page editor can make modifications and then submit them for approval. The Kentico system notifies the authorizing manager automatically of the modification. The management may then inspect the modifications, send them back to the editor for correction, publish the changes, or even alter the material that has been modified. Workflows can also be established with many phases that must be completed before site content publication. 

Advanced Search 

Kentico’s Smart Search is a Lucene-based search tool that analyzes and locates material rapidly. This module indexes and stores defined material within the system to enable searches to be conducted far faster than with a typical database. Customized search results can only return relevant articles and pictures. As new website material is added, the Kentico system continually refreshes the search results to ensure they are correct. 


Kentico is one of the most feature-rich CMS platforms currently available. Off-the-shelf, the Kentico CMS system supports eCommerce, blogging, forums, and messaging, in addition to several other crucial features. With the Ultimate license, businesses have access to all features and may rapidly add new functionality to their websites. Many other CMS systems require a series of add-ons to acquire the features that Kentico provides by default. A simple licensing update will enable the functionalities even if a corporation wishes to add modules in the future. Such various functions allow a corporation to concentrate on its business rather than assembling functionality. 

Great Assistance 

Lack of support is one of the most frustrating aspects of third-party components. Some organizations may include a phone number you may contact if you need assistance, but the vast majority just offer email support. Kentico’s help options include forums, blogs, email, support tickets, and the telephone. Their customer service personnel are always happy to assist with any issue and will work with consumers until the problem is fixed. 

Regular Updates 

Kentico offers step-by-step instructions for all product updates. Their installation packages are prepared properly and give a reliable, straightforward method for installing the new material. Any specific restrictions are clearly outlined and straightforward to adhere to. Updates include documentation and files for several environments (.NET 2.0, 3.5, etc.) so that all clients can use their enhancements. The installation packages enable site managers to update and add new features to Kentico sites swiftly. 

Customer Appreciation 

Kentico is rapidly increasing its market share and becoming an industry leader in CMS software. As new organizations use their software, Kentico has not lost sight of the organizations that have placed their faith in it. Kentico routinely informs clients of impending changes and cherishes their feedback. Kentico listens to its partners and attempts to match their demands with its products. For the training program, Kentico collaborated with some of its “Gold”-tier partners to provide the training materials and guidelines. This sort of customer participation reflects Kentico’s dedication to its client’s success. 

Continually Changing 

Every day, new technologies and capabilities are being developed. The Kentico team embraces these developments and continuously integrates them into their product. They test their code utilizing the most recent development environments and servers to guarantee compliance. Kentico combines a variety of third-party components and uses the most recent accessible source code. These efforts allow Kentico to provide the most recent technology and features that power dynamic and interactive websites. 


There are several Content management systems available on the market. If you want your website or e-commerce platform to be successful, choosing the appropriate CMS is crucial. Kentico CMS provides the greatest features, limitless flexibility, and a secure platform so that your company can attract more clients and you can maximize your CMS.