Online Education from the School

On January 31, 2022, the Council for the Promotion of Open Online Education in Japan will host a free online workshop titled “Learn Education from School.” In the workshop, we will discuss with the participants the educational hints obtained from the field’s confusion and creativity as a result of School implementation.

Large-scale fluctuations occurred in primary and secondary Online Education due to the school concept being implemented two years ahead of schedule, the site was perplexing, and various ideas were generated. Under these conditions, Japan’s massive Open Education Promotion Board planned to hold a workshop with the participants to discuss higher education tips under the theme “How did we solve school presentation problems?”

Mr. Shinpei Toyofuku of GLOCOM International University and Mr. Soichiro Hirai of InfoCom Research will lecture at the workshop. Mr. Toyofuku will take the stage with the slogan, “80 percent failure is not an exaggeration: is school presentation still difficult?”

High school is a one-stop shop

On December 16, 2021, the four organizations that promote ICT education, including ICT CONNECT21, submitted a proposal to the Deputy Minister of Digital, Fumiaki Kobayashi, in the digital agency on “Maintenance of computer terminals and school communication environment for each secondary school.” Presenter.

This time, ICT CONNECT21, the Japan Association for the Promotion of Educational Informatics, the Japan Association for Audiovisual Education, and four critical organizations for the promotion of ICT education from the National Council of Chiefs of Education submitted proposals. The proposal describes the current situation and measures to improve the communication environment for all high school students.

Some local governments believe this. As a result, high school students can use smartphones as peripheral devices. However, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology announced on March 12, 2021, the maintenance of peripheral devices on smartphones. It must meet the standards and specifications to realize the School concept.

Reports, data analysis, and literary research

It is suggested that computer peripherals be introduced in secondary school for various learning activities such as data analysis. And literary research, reports, programming, application development, etc. In 2022, maintaining PC stations for all high school grades is not the same as keeping smartphones.

Furthermore, as a counter-measure to Corona, we will immediately improve the environment to allow for mixed lessons for all grades and provide comprehensive guidance for financial measures such as temporary grants for regional revitalization and schools. It is suggested that a loan method be used (allowing terminals to be taken out). And, even if it is challenging to implement, it is recommended. As a result, the final maintenance will be handled directly by BYOD. And, at the very least, by MDM a method of entirely assigning last models and performance through schools.

The stations are located

Furthermore, it is stated that there are local governments where the stations are located. As a result, they are currently being promoted in primary and Secondary Schools. Because of the limited capacity of the school network and internet line, it cannot be fully utilized. Secondary schools can consider more advanced methods of use.

As a result, high-speed networks and comprehensive security deployment are being implemented. However, system/equipment selection and process management methods must be followed. Currently, work can be seen being done on the “Educational Information Security Policy Guidelines.” The Ministries of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, among others.

One of the characteristics and abilities

Beginning with the fourth year of Reiwa, the new course of study will be implemented in high school annually (2022). The ability to use information is positioned as one of the qualities and abilities that form the foundation of learning in the new course. Even in the brand-new topic “Information 1,” all students participate in programming. And networking, including information security and database fundamentals, among other things. It is necessary to improve from the beginning of learning. Even in high school, each person’s peripheral environment.

The national government determined the state of maintenance in each governorate in the Priority Plan for Achieving a Digital Society decided by the Council of Ministers in December 2021, including benefiting from the temporary grant for regional revitalization of new infectious diseases caused by the Coronavirus. “Even though maintenance policies vary by county and local government. We have requested collaboration to provide optimal individual learning. In addition, all high school students will participate in cooperative learning.