Data on Digital Learning in the 2030s

Theory of Digital Learning in the 2030s The notion and practice of technical Education is well underway. However, Mr. Toyofuku, to unravel Education, whose specific picture is not yet apparent. Co-authors included the Hokkaido University Information Infrastructure Center. By Katsusuke Shigeta, Associate Professor, and Tomoaki Watanabe, Informaticist.

Japan was plagued by a long-term stagnation of the industrial economy and a decrease in international stature amid the rapid rise of the information society. Significant concerns are represented by the decline and delay in reacting to informatization, and there is a growing belief that rebuilding may be impossible.

Furthermore, while the information environment for school Digital Learning education is being significantly renewed due to the GIGA school concept’s realization, smartphones and tablets are rapidly becoming common in children’s daily lives, and anxiety and concerns about dependence on online games are moral panics. It also invites the resulting predicament.

In the 2030s, the theme of Digital Learning Theory

Part 1 outlines trends in each subject toward the structural transformation of Education after describing the editor’s understanding of Education DX at the outset. The second section focuses on each region’s attempts to realize the GIGA school idea beyond 2019. Mr. Toyofuku would like you to enjoy “what you can observe from a bird’s-eye view and cross-disciplinary perspective from the worldwide university GLOCOM, founded on the research of “information society and science.”

Example of high school ICT introduction practice

Google for Education will host an Educational ICT Seminar on February 10, 2022. So, “Environmental improvement” for high schools. And practical examples for everyone in Kagawa Prefecture,” live on YouTube. Participation is entirely free. However, pre-registration is required.

Google provides online seminars regularly to share progress toward realization. Because of the school idea for teachers and those in charge at school sites throughout the country. So training and ICT upkeep at prefectural and local school boards. It is on hold.

This seminar is predicated on the idea that there will be a rise in interest in the implementation of ICT environments and the migration of terminal maintenance in high school sites under the girl’s school concept, and the Kagawa Prefectural Board of Education’s purpose is to demonstrate each person in Kagawa Prefecture.

A teacher, in addition to explaining the research findings. Because it is Miki High School in Kagawa Prefecture was introduced and promoted, using Chromebooks earlier introduced practical methods from the start. As a result, the use of Chromebooks is dependent on actual circumstances such as excursions and notices.

Concerning the school terminal and the school communication environment

Maintenance of terminals for each student in the school in 2021. In primary school, the concept was nearly complete. And junior high schools across the country. Even in high school, the current scenario is gradually improving.

Concerns have been raised about the novel coronavirus spreading to children. Nowadays, school attendance and online classes are distributed. As a result, it is being implemented in numerous locations. Online lessons and new forms of terminal-based assignments are being held. On the other hand, there are many troublesome voices, such as “It’s difficult to do.” “I can’t see the screen,” “I can’t hear the sound,” and “I slid off in the middle.”

From January 21 through February 28, 2022, at 6:00 p.m., Reseed will conduct a questionnaire on school terminals and the “school network environment” for elementary, junior high, and high school instructors. The report will be delivered at a later time.