Celebrate the special evening by sending authentic congratulatory gifts

When your friends receive a promotion letter or it is the event of their marriage, the party is unavoidable. You have the luxury of celebrating these moments because of your friends, therefore, we need a gift which can be useful as well as a mode of congratulation to them. A congratulatory gift enhances the meaning of the evening. Even if you are living in a different city you can send them gifts as a token of love from your side.

For such services, OyeGifts is one of the most trusted websites. You can search for gift combinations just by exploring the various sections available on the online portal. To your surprise, there is a separate section of congratulation gifts which contains authentic combinations which you can send to your friends or colleagues at special events. Your surprise will be delivered to them within hours after placing the order. Let us look at some of the amazing options available on this website:

The carnation basket

on the occasion of promotion or achievements, people send bouquets to celebrate the event. If you want to send your best wishes to your friends or college then this is one of the best gifts. A set of carnations are taken for the preparation of this bouquet. This is not only a simple bouquet but a voluminous basket of carnations put together with heavy green leaves of different varieties. A small basket forms the base of this giant bouquet. Four rows of carnations in the pattern of white red and then again white and red are arranged from bottom to top. They are arranged in a manner like a creeper which climbs the wall holding it tightly and climbing diagonally upwards. This is one of the gifts which you can give to people to congratulate them.

Celebration of the joyful moments

some moments are a lifetime achievement. To celebrate these amazing events it is necessary to throw a mini party. Party is incomplete without the presence of decoration and cake. We have a wonderful idea which you can use to surprise your loved ones with such wonderful moments. Here is a gift which contains an elegant bouquet created by using orchids along with a delicious chocolate truffle cake. The bouquet is packed in pink wrapping and light green filler leaves are used to support this bouquet. This also makes it look voluminous. The chocolate cake is decorated with chocolate pieces and red cherries in the centre. They will relish the delicious taste of this chocolate cake.

Fererro Rocher

this chocolate is the favourite of everyone. You can easily order this delicious chocolate and send them to people to show a genuine gesture of congratulation. In this combination of gifts, we have a lucky bamboo plant which is planted inside a glass jar. Along with it a pack of 24 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolate and a celebration box from Cadbury add to the taste. Send your best wishes by sending this lucky gift.


when you are in the mood to celebrate a great achievement with friends, this non-alcoholic champagne is something which is in need. You can select this gift combination which contains a bottle of champagne along with a delicious Black forest chocolate cake and a bunch of mixed flowers. This bouquet contains around 25 roses in red and white put together with 5 different Oriental lilies in the centre. The contrasting colours make the bouquet authentic and classy. Enjoy the celebration evening with the cake cutting ceremony and the party.

Dry fruits

in India congratulation for a big achievement is celebrated by gifting them traditional Indian sweets or a pack of dry fruits. The traditional laddu makes us nostalgic for many of our memories are attached to it. Here we have a set of sweets and a basket of dry fruits. The motichur laddu from haldirams are packed into a big golden box and along with it, the almonds are kept in a cute cane basket. Send this gift to your friends and colleagues on this special occasion.

Cookies and coffee

this combination may sound weird but it is one of the best gifts which you can give to your close friends, relatives, and family members. This pack contains choco chip cookies from sapphire along with a small bottle of coffee from Nescafe and a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. This is a small token of love from your side. This is not the authentic formal gift but in core relations, formality has no place. You can send your love and blessings with this cute gift.

Blessings and well wishes can be sent through prayers and cute gifts. Your emotions play an important role in the relationship with people near you. You can Send Gifts to India for your beloved and express your hearty congratulations by sending them flowers, chocolates or cakes. The best gift is one which conveys your message as it is to the recipient without leaving the message.