What is the best PvE weapon in Destiny 2?

So, you finished the campaign, got raided once and had a blast in strikes…what do you do next? That’s right, grind Public Events and get better gear. Here is the PvE arsenal most players find handy for doing just that. The best PvE weapon in Destiny 2 is a matter of personal preference, but the following are some of the most effective and popular ones.


This is the best PvE weapon in Destiny 2. It’s a fun little shotgun that fires two shots at a time and is great against enemies with shields. It also has a high rate of fire, so it’s extremely effective against bosses.


This is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, with an ability to kill any enemy in one shot if you score a headshot. This sniper rifle is so powerful that it can even take out bosses in one shot. The only downside is that it takes quite some time for the bullet to travel from your position to where your target is located, so you must be patient when using this weapon.

Osteo Striga

Another great sniper rifle that kills any enemy in one shot if you score a headshot. However, this weapon has a very short range compared to other sniper rifles and is quite weak when used against shielded enemies or bosses because there are no critical hits with this gun like there are with the Sunshot or Funnelweb sniper rifles.

Something New

The Something New exotic fusion rifle has an ability called “Homing Bullets” which makes all bullets fired from the weapon home on the target. This weapon is great for taking out enemies that are hiding behind cover or in a group of other enemies because it can penetrate through all obstacles and kill any enemy in one shot.


Krait is a raid weapon that is obtained from the Leviathan raid. It is a pulse rifle that can be used both as an energy and power weapon. The Krait comes with the “Whisper” perk which allows you to do three quick shots in succession, but you will have to deal with reloading. If you are looking for a good PvE weapon, this could be it.


The Witherhoard is another raid weapon that has been introduced in Nascent Dawn Quests in Destiny 2 : Forsaken. It’s a fusion rifle with two modes, either single shot or explosive burst fire mode. It has the “Barker” perk which activates when you kill an enemy with its explosive burst fire mode, causing them to explode and deal damage to nearby enemies. This could be your go-to weapon if you want something that can deal with mobs quickly and efficiently.


The Heritage is another strength-based weapon that was introduced with Forsaken. This hand cannon has two modes; one where it shoots fast bullets but has low impact damage while the other shoots slower bullets but deals high impact damage. This makes it ideal for taking down bosses without having to rely on your super ability too much!

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