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Top Family Activities in Jeddah

Whether you’re discovering historical gems or venturing to taste the rich delicacies, Jeddah has always been a favorite city for families to spend their vacation. Take advantage of the season and celebrate beautiful days with family in Jeddah. From cruises, amusement centers, and theme parks to the best cuisines, there are plenty of amazing and fun experiences to suit everyone in the family.

A perfect blend of Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine, Jeddah’s restaurants will make the taste buds dance with exotic international and local flavors. From the intimate atmosphere, excellent service, and hospitality to delicious food, people always prefer to dine in family-friendly restaurants in Jeddah that provide a good time for all guests.

Activities In Jeddah

Never forget that Jeddah is the best holiday destination for tourists from all over the world in terms of leisure and adventure. Islamic culture, history, and heritage have long been the focus of families. In Jeddah, families can experience one of the best places. So if you’re planning a vacation with your family in Jeddah, check out these amazing things to do in Jeddah.

11 West

There is no lack of fancy restaurants in Jeddah that excel in offering international flavors. Among many, 11west restaurants in Jeddah is ready to offer you an amazing location in the beautiful oasis of Jeddah. Their leisure center has some of the best restaurants in Jeddah as well as fully equipped gyms. It’s the most appealing restaurant for families since individuals will find international food, yoga, trendy cafes, and all other amenities under one roof.

11 West offers all kinds of fun and entertainment for the family. Fun games are specially designed for children, while girls can enjoy the shops and cafes. 11 West brings together all the best restaurants and entertainment in one place for families to avoid the hustle. The best restaurants in Jeddah are there to offer your family the best flavors available.

Meat the Fish brings a unique selection of smoked fish, shellfish, fresh seafood, premium beef, veal, and lamb. The dishes also feature seasonal ingredients, local produce, and a wide variety of unique ingredients specially selected for the family’s preference. Il Vero Alfredo is a historic place where your family can taste the only fettuccine Alfredo, whose fame has experienced a great international resonance since the 1920s.

More Excitement and Enjoyment

Enjoying time with family in the most fun and exciting places as Jeddah encompasses many famous destinations for exciting activities. The largest entertainment center offers numerous activities and adventures such as trampolines, climbing walls, virtual reality games, and football and volleyball courts. The bounce center also has a trampoline room and challenging games suitable for all ages.

Jeddah has many destinations similar to this activity. Start an exciting adventure in the maze box, a maze and escape room for challengers and non-challengers, or visit the game center, which also offers challenge games and escape rooms.

Theme Parks for Families like No Other!

The theme parks in Jeddah for families are diverse and common for all age groups as it is the most loved and favorite destination for all family members. Don’t miss the most exciting arcades in Jeddah and enjoy the best and most fun with your family. Join the fun and visit Atallah happy land park, an exciting park with many rides and activities such as an arcade, bowling, ice skating, rock climbing, horseback riding, as well as restaurants and fast food trucks.

Share the fun with your family on summer days and be sure to visit Al Shallal amusement park, a large park located towards the corner of the Al Shat area. It offers fun motorcycle tours suitable for all age groups. It also offers many amazing exhibitions and performances to its visitors.

Enjoy With Water Sports

In Jeddah, you can make your family live an unforgettable experience by adding water parks to your itinerary so you can enjoy the best activities. Take the family to the coast, especially the beach, where you can enjoy some of the best water sports on the West Coast. It offers water activities for adults and children, such as inflatable boats, slides, and climbing poles, as well as relaxing shaded seating for families.

Magnificent Views at The King Fahd’s Fountain

The King Fahd Fountain covers the Jeddah sunset at a great height, making it visible from almost anywhere on the Red Sea. Water jets can reach incredible heights of up to 300 meters. King Fahd’s well is not just a well. There is much more than a panoramic view. The very famous Jeddah corniche offers visitors the chance to wander around, sample delicacies from numerous vendors, and sip hot coffee while admiring the spectacular fountain. The best thing about this fountain is that there is no entrance fee, which makes it easy to get to.

Visit The Serene Beaches

Located on the coast of the Red Sea, Jeddah is known for its beautiful beaches where families can relax. Families can enjoy spectacular sunset views, beach adventures, and long family-friendly walks on Jeddah’s public and private beaches that offer a peaceful atmosphere. Standing on the beach along the coast of the Red Sea offers a spectacular view and is a great escape from the chaos of city life.

Families are always invited to discover and try the most popular local activities; fishing on the beaches of Jeddah. Beaches in Jeddah are difficult without fishing enthusiasts. Go to a destination that offers fishing trips and have a great experience with family and friends.

Camping at Jeddah Deserts

When you think of Saudi Arabia, it’s common to imagine vast sandy deserts. Although Jeddah is a coastal city, families are not surprised by the fact that it also has a vast sandy desert. In Jeddah, families can enjoy the best of both worlds on beaches and desert sands. Morning and evening desert safaris are available. Families can snowboard, slide down the dunes, ride camels, and much more. The unique experience of desert safari has also become very popular these days. According to the study, families prefer camping in the Jeddah desert and enjoy the silence and beauty of the night sky.

The beauty of the Jeddah desert is extremely exceptional and is one of the most visited attractions in the city. The night desert safari reveals the hidden natural beauty of the city and leaves families spellbound. The unforgettable experience of camping in the Jeddah desert under the clear night sky is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Families can start their desert safari with dune swimming, sand boarding, and camel riding.

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