winter tyres
winter tyres

We use a vehicle to move to different places. Using a vehicle is in our nature in modern times. Not only is it hard to move from one place to another without a vehicle, but for some stakeholders, it also becomes downright impossible. 

Even though public transportation at Winter Tyres Birmingham allows you to commute to different destinations, the presence of one’s vehicle is something entirely different. More often than not, public transport like trains and buses drop you off at a stop that may or may not be far away from your actual destination.

As such, one has to take the initiative to reach their destination on their own. However, such is not the case with one’s vehicle. In addition to the ability to reach your exact location of choice, one does not have to worry about any other problems as well. 

When it comes to using the vehicle, one must take some things into mind. A vehicle will be able to perform the way one wants it to, so long as it is in good condition. The performance of your vehicle is directly in connection with the condition of the vehicle. It is extremely easy to run into unseen and unpredictable damages. 

The only way to save your vehicle from the same is by subscribing to regular replacements and repairs. Aside from a mandatory car service, using the right components for your vehicle will impact its performance largely.

For example, using all-season tyres in sub-zero temperatures can prove to be harmful to the vehicle’s safety. Therefore, people decide to switch to seasonal tyres in light of the climatic conditions. 

It is extremely tough for one standard tyre to carry the vehicle’s performance throughout the year. The most important reason for people buying and investing in seasonal Winter Tyres Birmingham is that it guarantees the safety of the driver. 

It is crucial to note that the safety of your vehicle also has implications for other vehicles on the road. As such, guaranteeing your vehicle’s safety is a must. 

Here are a few reasons for switching to winter tyres when the temperature drops below seven degrees celsius. 

Most commonly, people decide to use all-season tyres. However, when the temperature drops below seven degrees celsius and reaches sub-zero climatic conditions, more than all-season tyres are a must. 

Winter tyres enhance the performance of your vehicle through their special features. They can improve the performance of their vehicle due to their composition and construction. 

The majority of constituents present in winter tyres are soft rubber. This means that winter tyres will be able to make better contact with the road despite slippery road conditions. 

As temperatures start dropping, roads start accumulating ice and snow. This leads to the development of slippery road conditions. It is extremely unsafe to drive on such roads without the proper tyres. As such, using winter tyres in cold climatic conditions becomes a necessity. 

The features of winter tyres reflect in their performance. The tread of winter tyres makes it easy for the vehicle to maintain maximum traction without compromising its safety. The tread blocks of winter tyres are wide and cover more area enhancing traction and grip on the road. 

The numerous sipes present on the tread of winter tyres means that the tyred can make better traction despite heavy snow and ice. The sharp sipes on the winter tread are hundreds in number. They allow better traction for the vehicle. 

The grooves of winter tyres are also a necessary addition to enhancing the traction and grip on the road. The grooves of winter tyres can avoid aquaplaning of the vehicle by making better contact. Finally, tyres can throw off any incoming water, ice and snow and enable your vehicle to perform safely with no problems. 


Despite their multiple benefits, winter tyres cannot come into use throughout the year. These tyres do not include the different features that are necessary to supply adequate traction on dry and wet roads in temperatures above seven degrees celsius. 

The soft rubber compound of winter tyres that makes extra contact on the road Tyres Kidderminster will cause the vehicle’s bad handling and suspension. Similarly, these tyres will be unable to deliver adequate traction on the road in such conditions. 

It is essential to use winter tyres in sub-zero climatic conditions. However, using them in hot weather conditions will likely harm the vehicle’s performance and become the cause for worry.