Social Media Images Guide: Optimizing Images for Facebook

Online marketing is only as good as the visual content it contains.(followers on facebook) Brands can increase engagement by posting images and illustrations to social media platforms. This helps them get noticed and gets more followers.This guide will help you understand how to use images on social media. This is what we’ll be covering.Click here

Where can I get free images from social media?

Images optimized for dimension and sizing across various social networks

  • Creative ways to use images on social media
  • Where to find social media images
  • It’s safer to use images on social media that are licensed under creative commons. What is a creative Commons License?


Creative Commons licenses allow creators to choose a simple license to communicate their rights to their content, which they wish to waive to allow others to use their work.

These licenses enable creators to communicate their rights and those they have waived for the benefit recipients or other creators.

Many sites offer free images under creative commons licenses. Some require attribution but not all.Get more followers on facebook

Where to find free images on social media

Pixabay is an excellent source of free images and vector illustrations. It’s free! These images and illustrations can be used for any commercial or not. Be sure to avoid the ShutterStock ads photos in the results for free photos. They will be costly.

  • Free Images: Many high-quality, free stock photos and graphics are available. Don’t click on “premium” images at the top of your search results. They aren’t free.
  • Clipart is an excellent tool for creating custom content. Open Clipart offers unlimited commercial use and a massive resource of free Clipart.
  • Social media images are free.
  • You could own this clip art and many more!
  • MorgueFile: MorgueFile offers another collection of excellent free photos. While some photos are allowed for commercial use, others cannot. 
  • Free Digital Photos: You can find a wide selection of high-quality, free stock photos here. Although the images are limited, they can be used for web-related purposes. Images require attribution. To download them, you will also need an email address.
  • Unrestricted Stock: You’ll find plenty of vector files and photos here. All files are free and may be used commercially.
  • Wiki Commons: While searching for photos on Wiki Commons can feel like a grab bag of junk, there are some real gems. Most content is licensed under creative commons, so credit must be given to the author and source.

Social Media Image Dimensions

It can be challenging to track all the dimensions available on social media. We have compiled a quick and dirty collection of social media image cheatsheets to format photos across different social networks.Read more

  • Facebook Image Dimensions
  • Cover Image: 850×315 px
  • Profile picture: 180 x 180 pixels
  • Shared Image: 504x504px (Note that horizontal images are scaled down to 504 widths. Vertical images can be scaled to 504 in height and may have a grey border at the sides. Square 504 X 504 images are best to maximize image space.
  • Shared Link: 484X252 px
  • Facebook image sizes 2014

This great Facebook image guide, created by David Coleman, provides complete Facebook sizes for every sharable item.

  • Twitter Image Dimensions
  • Dimensions for Twitter Profiles
  • Cover Photo: 1500×500 px
  • Profile picture: 400 x 400 pixels

Twitter semi-recently launched a new look for Twitter profiles. This redesign may make you feel like you’re back in the Facebook days.

  • When posting to Twitter, be aware of the full-size image and how it will appear in the in-stream pic preview.
  • Dimensions for tweets
  • Twitter In-Stream Image Preview: 444 x 220 pixels

Optimize images, so the preview and expanded images are identical. Use a horizontally-oriented image with a 2:1 aspect ratio whose dimensions don’t exceed (1024 X512 px).

Use images with a 2:1 aspect ratio, vertically centered text or graphics, and always use images that have a 2:1 aspect ratio. This allows the main message to be seen in the Twitter In-Stream Preview. The expanded image will reveal additional information or imagery.

Twitter Image Tip: The links to photos take up 26 characters in a tweet. You have 114 characters left for your tweet message. Keep it short!

  • YouTube Image Dimensions
  • Channel Cover: 2,560 x 1,440 px
  • Profile Picture: Linked with Google+ Profile Picture
  • Social media specifications 2014

Additional YouTube Info

  • Video Title: Maximum 100 characters
  • Video Description: Maximum of 5,000 characters
  • Video Dimensions: 2,560×1,440px

Pinterest Image Dimensions

  • Profile picture: 165×165 pixels
  • Board Cover Photo: 217X146 px
  • Board Thumbnails 51 X 51 pixels
  • social media image cheat sheet 2014

Pin Image Dimensions


  • Pin Feed Preview: 238X scaled height
  • Enlarged Pin 735 X infinite
  • Pinterest image sizing
  • Pinterest image dimensions 2014
  • LinkedIn Company Page Dimensions
  • Cover Photo: 646×220 px
  • Horizontal Logo: 100×60 px
  • Square Logo: 50X50 px


  • LinkedIn image sizing
  • Instagram Image Dimensions
  • Profile picture: 110 x 110 pixels

Instagram Pics: 2048×2048 px (this resolution is the maximum for photos taken using Instagram’s camera app).

  • social media image sizing guide 2014

With the Instagram camera, the maximum resolution is 2048×2048 pixels. Images exported to mobile via Instagram will not have a resolution lower than 612×612 pixels.

Google+ Image Dimensions

  • Google+ Cover Photo
  • Recommended size: 1080×608 px
  • Minimum size: 480 x 270 px
  • Maximum size: 2120 x 1192 px
  • social media picture sizes
  • Google+ Posting Dimensions

Google+ Shared Photo: 497×373 px. This is the recommended minimum size. Maximum dimensions for photos are 2048×2048 pixels

  • Google+ Shared Videos Preview: 497X279 px
  • Google+ Link Thumbnail 150 X 150 pixels
  • google plus image sizes

Social Media Images: Innovative Techniques

Despite all the talk about social media image sizes, you might be curious if it matters if your photo is exactly the correct dimensions.

A little bit of image trimming is usually not an issue. However, if you use social media images with text, it is essential to match the dimensions of the social media platform to ensure that no parts of your image are cut.

Let’s look at some marketing and image ideas for social media.


Although it is not always easy to share infographics in full as images on social media, you can still benefit from an infographic’s visual appeal. You can use a portion of an infographic on Facebook or Twitter to create a social media picture and link to it later.

Photos from social media

Pinterest allows you to post complete infographics up to a maximum height dimension. Users must click on the preview pin to view an enlarged version to make sense of the infographic. Your infographic should be visually appealing to grab attention, even from far away.

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