Perks Of Living In Pittsburgh


Moving out and finding a place to live is one of the biggest decisions you make as an adult. It could be stressful, overwhelming, and expensive, but it could be rewarding too. The feeling of independence, responsibility, freedom and the ability to adapt to a new environment is important too. If you are looking for a perfect city to stay in, Pittsburgh could be a great choice you should consider. You may ask “Is it worth it?”, well keep on reading to be convinced that Pittsburgh is a perfect place to set up a new home. 

1. It’s a big city!

Pittsburgh is known to be one of the biggest and most established cities in the U.S. This city is the home of sports, most sportsmanship events are held in this city such as the Superbowl, NBA, and more. For many Pittsburgh residents, this is one of the best perks you should consider in living here. Aside from that, this city also has a lot of established buildings, tourist spots, restaurants, and main beauty to enjoy. Just the view of this city is already extraordinary in its way. 

2. Cheap 

You may expect Pittsburgh to be an expensive city to live in, but the good news is it’s cheaper than you think. There are many choices to choose from when on the hunt for a new home. The apartments, condominiums, and houses could actually fit your budget. Aside from cheap houses and establishments, groceries, hospitals, parks, restaurants, and other necessary places are also not that expensive. What a catch, right?

3. Tourist Spots

As said, Pittsburgh is a big city, it is filled with beautiful places to explore and delicacies to try. This city is also filled with tourist spots. So, when you decide to visit Pittsburgh, add these places to your list to experience the whole city experience. 

  • InventionLand
  • Bob’s Garage
  • Tree Tops Restaurant
  • MLK Community Mural Project

These are just some of the hundred spots you could visit in Pittsburgh because undeniably, this city is full of wonders. 

4. Access to Medical Needs

Pittsburgh offers medical services like no other! Their established and advanced hospitals are very welcoming and caring to their patients. New and advanced technologies and medical discoveries put Pittsburgh at the top of the list for health care. Some of their hospitals ranked in the top 50 of the United States’ best hospitals. 

If you are moving or visiting Pittsburgh along with your furry friend, their veterinary medical services offer services as quality as they do for human patients. If you need immediate or regular vet consultations, it will be best to browse through online vets in Pittsburgh to further explore your options. 

5. A clean and livable space

Everyone needs an environment clean and livable, well exciting news, when you choose to live in Pittsburgh, it won’t be a problem! This city’s aspects of community involve access to green space, a clean and warm environment, healthcare, and good quality education. 

6. Good Quality Education

Pittsburgh is known to be a city full of dreams and universities. There is over a whole list of good-quality schools in Pittsburgh. If you are planning to move to this city for good education, you made the right choice. Pittsburgh offers a lot of universities all over the city. Some universities in this area are ranked to be the top 10 best school districts in Pittsburgh. 


Overall, Pittsburgh is a wonderful place. It has everything from good education, healthcare, clean environment, to cheap houses and apartments, there is no doubt that Pittsburgh is an established city. If you choose to live in Pittsburgh, it will be your life’s greatest decision