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How to Wash Pajamas

washing pajamas

How often should winter pajamas be washed? Pajamas are the clothes we wear every day. Putting on pajamas when we go to bed will make us sleep more comfortable. The cleanliness of pajamas is also very important. How often should we wash pajamas in winter? Let’s take a look at it in detail.  Shop now using  pretty little thing discount code nhs

How often to wash winter pajamas

Winter pajamas are recommended to be washed once a week.

A large amount of dander falls off from human skin all the time, and pajamas directly contact the skin, so a large amount of dander remains, and these dander often contain a large amount of bacteria. Generally speaking, these bacteria are harmless to the human body, but they can enter the skin and can cause problems if they accidentally enter the wrong place. Washing your pajamas regularly, at least once a week, will keep your skin in a relatively clean, hygienic environment and prevent bacteria from getting in. Generally speaking, home clothes and pajamas should be separated. Don’t wear pajamas when doing housework, wear house clothes

The dangers of not washing pajamas for a long time in winter

1. Causes skin diseases

First of all, the stratum carenum of the human body is renewed and shed every day, and it is easy to produce fine dust and dander. The longer you wear pajamas, the more dead cells and microbes build up on them, and the greater the chance of disease. Second, we spend most of our time in bed in our pajamas, and the bed is full of all kinds of mites, bacteria, dandruff, dust, etc., and they may also come into direct contact with the body through pajamas. Both of these factors can lead to skin diseases. Such as allergic dermatitis, infectious folliculitis, popular urticaria, etc. Each can make you ticklish and torment you both physically and mentally.

2. Causes diseases of the urinary system

If the bacteria on the pajamas invade the urethra, it may cause infection in the relevant parts, such as urethritis, and the condition will worsen and then lead to cystitis. This is unequal between men and women, and women are at greater risk of infection than men.

3. Causes gynecological diseases

Not only the urethra will be inflamed, but also the possibility of female private parts inflammation, such as candidal vaginitis, which is caused by fungal infection. Girls don’t want to get gynecological diseases, they have to pay attention to changing pajamas. Save with marks and spencer discount code nhs

Precautions for washing pajamas

  1. When cleaning pajamas, you should use cold water or warm water below 40 degrees and general neutral detergents or special detergents for underwear, and gently press to clean pajamas.
  2. When using detergent, the amount should not be too much, otherwise it will burden the pajamas texture and damage the wearing life of pajamas.
  3. When washing pajamas, you should put detergent in warm water, and put the pajamas into warm water after they are completely dissolved.
  4. Do not allow the detergent to be in direct contact with the pajamas to avoid fading or uneven color of the pajamas.
  5. Do not use bleach when washing pajamas, because chlorine-containing bleach will damage the fabric of the clothes and even turn the pajamas yellow.
  6. Since the pajamas are easily deteriorated and yellowed in the sun, which affects its service life, the cleaned pajamas should be placed in a cool place to dry.

How to choose couple pajamas

The choice of pajamas for couples should not only conform to the personality of the couple, but also be comfortable, loose and fit. How to choose pajamas for couples is a problem that many couples struggle with. The choice is not important, the important thing is how to choose the best pajama .


Cotton couple pajamas are soft and breathable, which can eliminate skin irritation. Cotton is different from man-made fibers and does not cause allergies and itching. Therefore, this kind of clothing is the most stable when worn close to the body.

The back and front panels of pajamas should have sufficient width and must not be too small or just right. Because when you sleep with tight chest, abdomen and back, you will have terrible nightmares. In addition, couple pajamas should also be easy to put on, easy to take off and easy to wash.

 The ideal couple pajamas are knitted couple pajamas, because this couple’s clothing is both soft and elastic. The best texture is cotton fabric or cotton-based synthetic fibers. Because cotton is highly hygroscopic, it can absorb sweat well from the skin.

Dark dyes are not good for health. The elegant and light colors are suitable for family wear and have a calming effect on the eyes, while the bright red and bright blue pajamas will affect people’s relaxation and rest.

The color of pajamas is appropriate to choose a variety of pink, such as pink, pink green, pink yellow and beige. Of course, the color of the pajamas varies, as long as you feel satisfied.  Shop now using H&M discount code NHS, H&M Discount Code, H&M Voucher Code and H&M Promo Code  and & H&M coupon code 10 Off and H&M NHS Discount Code , H&M promo code nhs, H&M discount code nhs


Pajamas should be liked by both couples. If one person doesn’t like it, it will affect their emotions.

There are summer pajamas in summer and winter pajamas in winter. It is best not to mix them.